29 – Networking

This week, James and Ezra explore a skill that is vital to building a business – networking. With them is a special guest who has been making and nurturing connections since before James was born. Tune in for another insightful episode of ThinkActGet.


Vicki Schramko


In this episode:

01:00 – Hello, Hawaii
01:30 – A very special guest. Hint: He’s known her his entire life
02:02 – Networking as springboard to success
03:02 – Lessons from The Psychology of Selling
05:02 – The US trip that started it all
05:24 – Traffic Secrets by John Reese
06:04 – Getting into Maverick Business Insider with Yanik Silver
07:13 – Networking takes effort
10:48 – Finding a common ground
13:00 – Everyone has a story
15:09 – Be interested vs. interesting
17:21 – Business cards come in handy
22:43 – Make a difference with bequesting
28:10 – Making it personal
30:33 – An act that takes courage
34:51 – What they call James’ mum
37:42 – Buying your way in
38:41 – Willpower wager: video catch-up
40:51 – The power of handwritten notes
44:54 – Old school methods, new medium
45:34 – News and updates
50:45 – What networking did for an unknown designer
52:55 – FastWebFormula 5 coming next March
54:46 – Listeners’ comments
01:00:49 – Burnout and failure
01:03:48 – Check out Pscho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz
01:05:37 – Think About It quotes
01:09:05 – TAG Tips
01:12:00 – Episode summary



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  1. Vicky Schramko is so inspiring. Can definitely see where the metaphors spawned with James =) Gotta love a great story teller!!

  2. Wow, what a lovely lady. It’s very awesome to hear your mum speak and hear insights and learnings that you gleaned from her.

    She’s clearly very sharp but also leads with her heart which is pure gold. The world needs more people like Mrs. Schramko.

    Will the Dads be joining us? That would be interesting as well.

    Love what you guys share. Thanks so much!


  3. Thanks for another great podcast my husband and I find them relevant and engaging. It seems your topics are well timed. As a new person to business listening to the stories of my clients will be very important. James your mum is inspiring. I have taken a lot of notes on her techniques, and will put them into practice.
    Judy Brown

  4. Bernadette Samway says

    Oh my gosh, James, your mum is now my new official idol. I could feel the love, as I was listening to her it felt similar to a huge hug. You guys have a great relationship and I now know where you get it from. Has she written any books ? Or keynote? Have a blog? She is very inspirational.

  5. Kath Cotrell says

    Glad to see TAG back! I was a bit worried that something had gone awry. Finally I have listened to all the episodes, which was the upside of your dow time for me! I intend to listen to them all at least one more time, taking notes all the while.

    James’ mom shared so many good tips on marketing and relationships, and the interdependence between the two. I feel enriched. Thanks for bringing her on.

    You two combine entertainment, information and challenges in such a refreshing way. I keep expecting one of you to sign off with, “Tag, you’re it!” because that’s how I feel at the end of each of your podcasts.

  6. Congratulations Mrs. Schramko on all you’ve done to help others with your charity work. And thanks for sharing your tips here.

    Greg’s work is beautiful. Would be great to get him on.

  7. Heart felt podcast! it ask us to ponder about the real purpose of networking. I love how Vicky gracefully shares the importance of having a genuine intention in supporting others not matter which type of service offered. After all, in this day and age, what humanity truly craves is real connection. Thanks a lot for the inspiration.

  8. Out of all of the TAG episodes, this is one of my favourites. James, your mom was so engaging to listen to. The storytelling really drew me in. I was touched by her stories and her little tips were off the hook.

    Should this topic or something else in her wheelhouse come up again, please invite her back.

    +1 for Mrs. Schramko doing a ‘networking’ tips blog, especially if she can weave her experience and storytelling into it.

    Mrs. Schramko….thank you for taking the time to share your experience and experiences with us. Oh…and thanks for giving us James!

    I can’t forget to save a good word for Ezra though! I thought we lost you there in the middle mate. You must have been awestruck to be in the ‘virtual presence’ of the powerhouses that are, ‘The Schramkos!’

    Thank you, well done and keep up the awesome work!

  9. What and INCREDIBLE woman! Can you imagine if we all had the pleasure of having such a great start to life and continued support like James and Ezra’s mum’s! It would truly be a better world that we live in!

  10. Great show James and Ezra. Your mother did a great appearance and shared a lot of golden tips, James. Awesome. Thanks a lot

  11. Just have to say thanks for this weeks Willpower wager. So effective in it’s own simplicity. I did take action, and it had a great effect. People react to it and I have only seen positive reactions from it.
    So big thank’s guys 🙂

  12. There’s definately a lot to know about this topic. I like all of the points you’ve made.

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