28 – Burnout

In this week’s episode, James and Ezra dig into the topic of burnout. With everyone around us overworking and losing to stress, is it time for you to take a break before exhaustion takes control of your life and your business?


Are you experiencing burnout?


Podcast highlights:

01:35 – What is burnout and what causes it?
03:36 – Is it better to keep going than to take a break?
04:55 – Change the THINKing behind your ACTion if you’re GETting burned out
06:45 – Watch out for the warning signs
08:40 – Mindset definitely matters
10:00 – Reset your M.O.
11:37 – What you NEED vs. what you WANT
12:30 – An exclusive recording in Ezra’s blog
13:04 – Insanely Simple: Focus on less and beat complexity
16:55 – Can “burnout” be beneficial?
18:20 – The story behind James’ leap to Internet marketing
24:56 – Ezra’s takeaways
26:34 – One secret to avoid burning out
28:41 – Working on your own terms
30:08 – WWW: Stop, slow down and pay yourself first
32:06 – James’ Daring Weekly Willpower Challenge
32:52 – News and Updates
34:54 – Use our sites for basis but make sure to customize your own
38:19 – New services and new layouts
39:06 – Listener Comments
45:05 – Tao Te Ching and The Art Of War
54:55 – Think About It
62:54 – Episode summary



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