27 – Sex

It’s the episode TAG fans have been waiting for. In a culture seemingly obsessed with this topic, it remains a difficult thing for most people to discuss. Tune in as James and Ezra explore their chargiest subject yet.


Seemingly everywhere, yet hard to talk about


Podcast topics:

01:11 – The chargiest TAG episode ever
01:44 – We’ve got guests!
03:04 – Diving right into it
04:22 – A war, baby boomers and hippie communes
07:11 – Prescriptive vs descriptive approach
11:02 – Why it’s so hard to discuss
15:53 – Getting good information
17:15 – Sexuality or sensuality?
18:20 – Deliberately plan for pleasure
21:57 – Orgasm
24:06 – Understand the anatomy
28:07 – The myth of the simultaneous O
30:26 – Tips on improving your sensual life
33:44 – Sex and the rest of your life
34:39 – How much is enough?
37:23 – WWW: Plan a sensual experience
39:33 – News and updates
41:32 – Think About It
42:52 – Episode summary



Prescriptive vs descriptive approach. [Click To Tweet].

Sexuality or sensuality? [Click To Tweet].

Tips on improving your sensual life. [Click To Tweet].


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