27 – Sex

It’s the episode TAG fans have been waiting for. In a culture seemingly obsessed with this topic, it remains a difficult thing for most people to discuss. Tune in as James and Ezra explore their chargiest subject yet.


Seemingly everywhere, yet hard to talk about


Podcast topics:

01:11 – The chargiest TAG episode ever
01:44 – We’ve got guests!
03:04 – Diving right into it
04:22 – A war, baby boomers and hippie communes
07:11 – Prescriptive vs descriptive approach
11:02 – Why it’s so hard to discuss
15:53 – Getting good information
17:15 – Sexuality or sensuality?
18:20 – Deliberately plan for pleasure
21:57 – Orgasm
24:06 – Understand the anatomy
28:07 – The myth of the simultaneous O
30:26 – Tips on improving your sensual life
33:44 – Sex and the rest of your life
34:39 – How much is enough?
37:23 – WWW: Plan a sensual experience
39:33 – News and updates
41:32 – Think About It
42:52 – Episode summary



Prescriptive vs descriptive approach. [Click To Tweet].

Sexuality or sensuality? [Click To Tweet].

Tips on improving your sensual life. [Click To Tweet].


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  1. First Firefox crashed lol. Felt crappy before the podcast, now “We love to be around ourselves”. Off to bed to live what is in our head 😉 Thanks everyone..

  2. Amy Boehnert says

    I have to say that I was SHOCKED to see this podcast. (Although you had talked about it, I really didn’t think it was coming!!) First, I have to commend James for being willing to dive into this topic. I thought it would be a super awkward podcast, especially when I hear Ezra’s mom was on the show, but you all handled it exceptionally well! The guests were very interesting, and I enjoyed hearing their research and ideas. I suppose we’ve entered a brave, new world:) Thanks guys!!

  3. wow this episode has already had 1000 downloads in a day and only 3 comments! talk about a taboo subject!

  4. Yet another great episode and as always, your subject really hit home. This episode was so much more than just about ‘sex’ but about communication, planning, relaxation, connection and time. I think that implementing the actions spoken about in this episode is a definite investment in you and your partners mental, physical and emotional health. Thanks again for facilitating this discussion.

  5. Matthew Chatterton says

    Hi James and Ezra,

    When I heard the sex episode it reminded me of the chapter in Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill written in 1937. In Chapter 11, titled “the mystery of sex transmutation” he wrote about the transfer of sexual energy from a mere physical action into other channels of power including creative forces of literature, art, or any other profession or calling.

    It has given me a good excuse to re-read this classic book and to think about the drivers of success.

    I really enjoy listening to the TAG podcasts, thanks for sharing.

  6. I have arrived! Yes, of course to THE sex episode, but also have listened to all the podcasts, each one at least 3 x over! Keep up the great work guys and this episode was another incredible insight.

  7. Michael Gregory says

    Ezra reminds me of Redfoo: wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle 😉

  8. Bonnie Borland says

    I won’t lie, I got to episode 20 and couldn’t wait any longer. Once again, another stellar episode. Next time i’m in Oahu, I’m taking a course at Lafayette Morehouse!

  9. Hey fellas, good episode on sex. Loved how you had Ezra’s relatives come in to discuss it. Not sure why it is a chargy subject, or why the episode would be chargy, there was nothing dirty of seedy about it. I’m enjoying the breadth of the topics you guys are covering and now look forward to the religion episode. cheers Justin

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