26 – Leadership

There are different types of leaders, and some people take more naturally to the role than others. This week, James and Ezra tackle the subject of leadership – what makes a leader, why some people prefer to follow, and what leadership strategies work.


Who’s a leader you’d like to follow?


Podcast highlights:

01:20 – Ezra’s new pad
03:09 – What is leadership and how are you leading?
04:13 – Types of leadership
05:31 – Leadership vs. management
06:39 – Leading a community
08:48 – A tip from The One Minute Manager
11:07 – How the people you lead reflect on you
12:22 – Why people follow
13:00 – A recipe for leadership
15:43 – The role of fear
17:37 – Value-based leadership
20:08 – WWW: Take charge
22:27 – News and updates: check out our Hawaii package
23:45 – SilverCircle is still open
26:39 – Get super fast hosting and web development at ATLWeb
28:14 – Listeners’ comments
36:00 – The subject of piracy
46:12 – Think About It quotes
49:11 – TAG Tips
50:40 – Episode summary



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  1. promptly! 😉
    leadership is very much about responsibility and good to start with yourself. take 100% responsibility and start being the leader of your life…

  2. The Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu is one of the most incredible and life changing books out there. To me it’s a timeless work that simplifies and clarifies all there is when it comes to understanding our own spirituality and connection with the world we live in. I have brought its teachings back to my own religion and have an entirely different perspective, which I believe to be more holistic and free than before. Ezra’s wonderful quote was in fact from verse 17 of the Tao Te Ching, but Sun Tzu’s The Art of War is another classic that teaches awesome techniques in dealing with conflict, either physically or in other personal, metaphorical forms of ‘war’.

    The Tao Te Ching and the Art of War have so much depth to them, and they seem to relate to just about every aspect of life, in my opinion. These are works whose teachings can slot anywhere into peoples’ lives regardless of culture or religion and I highly recommend these reads.

    Oh yeah and great podcast! Very inspirational as always; thank you very much.

  3. Thanks Siggi!

  4. Istvan Takacs says

    Ezra, one question: does it make sense to join your Brownbox formula now? We have a webshop project idea for a specific product and specific market, I thought your know how and coaching could give a big boost to the project, but we are probably a bit too late. What do you think?

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