25 – Change

This week, James and Ezra talk about the one constant in every person’s life: change. How people react to it, why it is so often resisted, and how we can take control by initiating it is all discussed in this episode of ThinkActGet.


Podcasting on the road


Podcast highlights:

01:07 – James heads for the slopes
01:59 – To ski or to snowboard?
03:26 – Change is about the process
04:43 – Process and progress
07:35 – Lock in your wins
08:56 – The easiest and hardest thing to change
10:27 – When is change unnecessary?
12:58 – The power of changing someone’s life
13:50 – Heat and menstrual cycles
15:15 – The only certainty is change
17:17 – The energy of a woman in heat
22:03 – What’s changed in online business
25:20 – Initiating change and having triggers
29:49 – Awareness of changes around you
32:07 – Join our intimate Sunset Beach, Hawaii retreat
34:11 – Listener reviews from iTunes
45:40 – Think About It quotes
47:35 – Episode summary



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