25 – Change

This week, James and Ezra talk about the one constant in every person’s life: change. How people react to it, why it is so often resisted, and how we can take control by initiating it is all discussed in this episode of ThinkActGet.


Podcasting on the road


Podcast highlights:

01:07 – James heads for the slopes
01:59 – To ski or to snowboard?
03:26 – Change is about the process
04:43 – Process and progress
07:35 – Lock in your wins
08:56 – The easiest and hardest thing to change
10:27 – When is change unnecessary?
12:58 – The power of changing someone’s life
13:50 – Heat and menstrual cycles
15:15 – The only certainty is change
17:17 – The energy of a woman in heat
22:03 – What’s changed in online business
25:20 – Initiating change and having triggers
29:49 – Awareness of changes around you
32:07 – Join our intimate Sunset Beach, Hawaii retreat
34:11 – Listener reviews from iTunes
45:40 – Think About It quotes
47:35 – Episode summary



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  1. For the record, I too prefer skis to the boards.. despite pressure from my young ones, haha…

  2. Hi guys, I love the show and chiming in to hear some of your awesomeness each time. Although I find it interesting that a man, Ezra in this case, can talk on a topic specifically related to women, menstruation in this case, and make a comment on how a woman can manage herself with relation to the effects of it. A man, who has never experienced it and even points out that a man does not experience anything like unless it’s is only once in his life during puberty, making a recommendation to women on how to manage the regular change that goes on in her hormones. For one, we are not even entirely sure when it will arrive. For example, it can come up to 2, sometimes 3 weeks early. Often we don’t even get a warning that it is coming until we find our mood or energy has changed and we think to ourselves that we’re a bit edgey lately or feeling super charged with emotions or hormones or our skin breaks out and then the next day, vwalla, we menstruate and we realise that that is why! Unfortunately we don’t get to choose exactly what heats up at this time or when this time wil be and both the heat type and the timing can change every cycle. So here we have, change upon change during the change. Manage that Ezra!! 🙂 But seriously, in relation to your advice about choosing to react differently to the heat during menstruation, I am curious as to your source on how to do this because if I could find a way, I’d am first in line to try it.

    James, I love your comment about frequent measuring to ensure small change when requried rather than having to make the big change when it’s too late in order to keep control of it. Great advice!

  3. Great episode guys as always! I thought you brought up some great topics and the episode certainly helped me to improve my change management skills!
    I personally didn’t feel that the episode was bringing up too many “chargy” or controversial topics, if anything, I like controversy and ‘chargyness, as I believe it gets people to think and step outside of their comfort zone and grow and develop quicker!
    Well done guys!
    Cheers Patrik

  4. It’s bad enough James that I have to sit in Sydney’s peak hour traffic every day, so listening to you driving to the snow fields in your V8 Merc as I’m driving to the J.O.B in my Honda CRV just didn’t seem fair.

    Seriously, It’s podcasts like this that make that drive a little more tolerable.

    PS: I spent the entire drive thinking my e-tag was beeping indiscriminately before I realised it was you driving through tolls.

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