24 – Stick-to-itiveness

In this episode, James and Ezra talk about stick-to-itiveness – what it is, what it takes, and how it affects the level of achievement in our lives.

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How sticky are you?


In this week’s episode:

00:54 – Yes, it is a word
01:42 – What is it, exactly?
02:25 – How is it affecting your business?
03:15 – Ezra’s yoga studio experience
05:36 – Trust your ability
06:14 – In the words of Rocky Balboa
07:34 – When should you bail?
11:20 – The linear progression technique
16:54 – Rules and limits
18:02 – Guilt creeps in when you’re bored
20:01 – What it took to build a community
25:19 – No reverse gear
28:46 – James and Ezra pal around on cam
29:30 – Come to Hawaii with us
30:00 – News and updates
32:00 – Testimonials vs. product proofs
32:37 – On over-acknowledgment
35:12 – ATLWeb redesigns Smart Marketer
38:50 – WWW: What have you given up?
40:00 – Listeners speak up
47:00 – James’ relationship with time
54:52 – George Carlin rants about “Stuff”
55:13 – Think About It quotes
58:05 – Episode summary



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  1. All I can say is Ezra really knows how to find cool words like stick-to-itiveness I even had to google it and thanks guys it really feels great to be mentioned on your show keep up the good work.

  2. Another great episode Ezra and James! I discovered this podcast about the same time I joined Ezra’s BBF and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

    I’ve been catching up on past episodes and sometimes I listen to 2-3 episodes a day. My husband was getting annoyed that I was starting every other sentence with, “James and Ezra say . . .” but I got him to listen to a few episodes on a recent 5 hour road trip to Vegas (to attend a wedding) and now he is a fan too. The advice about being interested instead of interesting worked amazingly at the wedding, great tip!

    I vote for future episodes on productivity, procrastination, burnout, reciprocity, and passion.

    Keep up the great work!

    ~ Cecilia

    P.S. The Hawaii video made me smile:)

  3. I joined Brown Box Formula a month ago and I just finished going through every episode of TAG: you 2 are Rock Stars!!! I have been an entrepreneur for over 10 years and I learned more in less time than any other teachers I can remember and you are very entertaining at the same time. Thank you so much!!!

    I do have a qualm with your talks on religion, though. I have read the bible a couple times and I attend a non-denominational church. We are pretty open-minded but our truth is based on the bible. James said that religion is crowd control and I do agree with that for the most part. Jesus rebuked the pharisees for using God as a means to gain power. In this generation, there are plenty of denominations that do the same thing and I agree that it is bad. The part I don’t agree with is your definition of religion. The bible’s definition of religion is serving others. If crowd control is oppressive and religion is serving others, than religion cannot be a form of crowd control.

    Thanks for hearing me out and I would love to hear your response on my perspective. I also wanted to say to Ezra that while the bible does in fact say that humans are born with sin, God provided a solution to that problem: Jesus. If you need proof that the bible is right on this one, just look at a 2 year old. They are not choosing right from wrong, they just do a lot of bad things by nature.

  4. good episode and glad you emphasized taking the right action. Online world is full of “Take action” like the 100niche sites I built my 1st year doing online only to learn the fate of google and see them wiped out, so it’s making sure you follow the right path and the right model/mentor.

    Ezra, if you ever are on the West Coast you should stop through Ashland(Oregon) and we can have a drink. It’s a place that embraces alternative thinking and guys with ponytails are the norm(even if they are walking down the street carrying a yoga mat and a bunch of bananas) 🙂

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