23 – Relationship

How do you relate to yourself, to your environment, to your business? James and Ezra discuss relationship in this episode of ThinkActGet.


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Topics discussed:

01:00 – James’ sunny spot in winter
01:14 – What is a relationship?
02:20 – Your biggest relationship
02:53 – You and your space
02:57 – Ezra goes apartment hunting in NY
05:40 – Workspace and performance
09:48 – What sports can say about your staff
10:54 – Mental Chemistry by Charles Haanel
11:09 – Change your life – start with hygiene
13:00 – If not now, then when?
13:10 – A relationship with quality
17:23 – Success in intimate relationships
20:18 – “Love Rules” from Ezra
25:55 – Commitment and business
32:26 – Passion and fulfillment
33:16 – What do you love the most?
33:44 – A lesson from Led Zeppelin
42:26 – Weekly Willpower Wager: Spruce up your space
42:54 – Challenge: Fold a T-shirt better than Ezra
43:34 – News and updates
50:17 – Listener comments
59:11 – Think About It: The cherry on top
01:01:12 – TAG Tips
01:02:23 – Episode summary



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  1. Hey Guys,

    I enjoyed the episode and think the length is fantastic!

    Now, only if you could do 2-3 epidsode in a week…

    Just kidding…Need time to implement!

    Awesome takeaways each week. Thanks ever so much.

    Carol Amato

  2. I’ve popped this podcast on while I’m tidying up my office / art room and you start talking about how our environment reflects our inner minds; you guys are ALWAYS right on topic!!

  3. Hi guys,

    Once again this episode is right on topic. I am all about “creating connections that count”, by understanding and analysing the quality of the relationships that we have and establish the action we need to take to develop, enhance or even cut the ones that are not serving. These relationships and connections can be with people, places and things. As you have said during this episode of TAG, it all starts with your internal relationship and your connection with yourself, the lessons you learn, the choices you make and the decisions you act on that have brought you to the place you are now. Thanks for sharing your stories and perspective of connections on my podcast as well. It is much appreciated. As for the length – i thought it was spot on and I personally feel that if the content is quality the length is always right.

  4. Ezra and James thanks for the great podcasts. I just started cranking through TAG and really like them. James just an fyi the fish thrower is in Pike Place market in Seattle and you should really make a trip through God’s part of the USA in the Pacific Northwest. Cheers, Ted Spokane WA

  5. Another awesome episode from two of my favourite online dudes.

  6. Thanks guys, just the wisdom I needed to hear when I was starting to lose my way. Keeping it simple, focussing on the relationship you have with yourself and your surroundings and those around you gives you an enormous sense of wellbeing and confidence.

  7. Thanks guys great show, going threw my cupboards and getting rid of all my old stuff wow feels great and if your show goes on longer its fine, This stuff is gold !

  8. Mike Storm says

    I just signed up for Ezra’s BBF recently, and now gave this my first listening to. Great podcast guys….I am definitely a fan and will be a follower of it going forward! Looking forward to listening to the Fear and Confidence ones.



  9. just wanna say THX! i love it, always get great impact and inspiration on my own business from you smart guys…

  10. Ladan Brabo says

    Thanks! Just wanted to say…You can pirate something but it is never as good as the “original” and loses impact! It just doesn’t have the power and success behind it!

  11. Hi James and Ezra,

    Oh, I finally have a great book/resource recommendation that you may not have heard of yet! WOO HOO!

    Before I even met my husband, I heard a report about a doctor who could predict (with greater than 90% accuracy) whether a couple would remain married or get a divorce. He takes a completely scientific approach to what allows some relationships to succeed, while so many fail. He has a “Love Lab” in the Pacific Northwest where he has followed couples for decades. The predictors of a long-term, happy relationship are different than what you might expect. I won’t go into too much detail, but it has been so helpful for me over the years.

    My favorite book is “The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work.”

    His work is so fascinating, and it has been guiding my way for years. I love that it is a completely scientific approach to what works for couples (i.e. fighting is not bad for your relationship, but contempt is extremely toxic.).




    P.S. Please don’t read this on air, as I went on and on:)



  12. Got through many of your episodes over last couple days(as I was cleaning up a trashed rental house). The relationships episode was great because my whole internet living journey has seen huge up/downs and I realize it has really effected my personal relationships and mindset. Kind of been feeling that IM wasn’t for me after 4years doing it, so really like hearing stories about your early days.

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