1. Hey James & Ezra: thanks so much for reading out my comment in episode #22!
    (Posted as: Josh Fret Fanatics Australia)

    Just to settle the argument: I’m definitely Australian, ha ha

    Keep the amazing episodes coming boys.

    Joshua C Liston

  2. Hi again guys,

    James, I wanted to acknowledge that it was courageous to ask for feedback as you have said before that you are sensitive to criticism.

    One thing I did to help with this was reframe whatever made me “prickle” (ie criticism) with this is information I need to improve. If I find myself feeling very defensive, generally I know there is a truth there that might be hard to face. So now I actually welcome it.

    James, was there any feedback you got on FWF4 that surprised you, or did you feel that you could intuit most of the suggestions by the response in the room?

    Thanks again guys, glad to be prolific and always a big supporter. You are setting the bar for podcasting in my view.

  3. GREAT question Cate! I’ll be curious to hear Schrammy’s answer.

    Thank you for the support – we appreciate it!!

  4. Hey guys,

    I found your podcast about a week ago and am almost caught up.

    I found you initially from freedom ocean. To be honest I got the impression from that podcast that you were kind of full of yourself. I think that is because you are sort of interviewed as the expert on every episode. Anyway, it is really nice to hear your true personality on this podcast.

    I honestly can’t believe this is your first podcast. You are a natural. Initially I didn’t think I would continue listening to this show. Thought it was a bunch of touchy feely emotional crap, lol. Anyway, I am so glad I did. Come to find out I know enough of the business stuff and the psychological (touchy feely crap) is exactly what I needed.

    As someone with ADHD I have a tough time staying focused. I have used Sudo meditation for the last month or so. I was wondering if you have any good resources on meditation?

    You guys are doing a great job! Keep up the good work!

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