21 – Podcasting

Fresh from the FastWebFormula 4 event, James and Ezra are back with this live podcast recording.


In the Podcast:

00:53 – Pre-show preparations

05:20 – Why is podcasting the medium of the future?

06:11 – How TAG began

09:55 – Partner with a person with a different skill set

13:22 – James and Ezra’s partnership deal

17:41 – The TAG production process

22:01 – The ThinkActGet website

24:50 – Our promotion tactics

27:12 – New TAG logo on fan-made shirt

31:34 – The effective way to sell someone anything

34:38 – TAG’s success in terms of stats

47:44 – The real agenda of TAG

50:00 – About our products page

53:34 – The weekly Willpower Wager

58:36 – News and updates

01:04:00 – Listeners’ comments

01:13:15 – Think About It: Create your future

01:14:27 – Be attractive

01:15:51 – TAG tips

01:19:17 – Episode summary

01:22:01 – Q&A section



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  1. I love this episode, as it confirms many of the things that i am trying to apply and has given me so many top tips to make a bigger impact. I have started the infinite pie connection podcast, which helps people to understand and create connections that count. I am delighted that Ezra has agreed to come on the show, so look forward to that episode (as well as John Lee Dumas – who you mentioned at the beginning of this show and Timbo Reid, who is James co-host on Freedom Ocean). I am now just awaiting confirmation from James. So this just goes to prove the point that is made throughout this podcast, that reach out and you will be amazed by the results! Thanks guys.

  2. Awesome. I will be in touch.

  3. Awesome LIVE episode…

    Funny, inspiring, educational and motivating!

    I REALLY appreciate your attitude when reading my previous comment. (Truth is, it makes more sense when I found out you had that invitation…Didn’t previously know that).

    You actually perceived the tone of the written word, which is really quite rare…

    You were NOT defensive, and that’s awesome! It’s so evident that you have respect for all points of view, which gives value and encouragement.

    Y’all are amazing!

    Ezra: LOVIN’ BBF!!!! My son is a double major in college (Business management/Marketing), and he says he has learned more in the first several videos of your training than he has in the first two years of college! (Yes, I shared my log ins with him – he’s on his laptop in the next room, hope that’s ok!)

    This whole training spurred a conversation my son brought up with his dad and I about college being a waste of time…We want him to finish the 3 semesters left to get his double degree, but see his point for sure!

    So thankful I came across an interview of James and Clay (recommended by Kim Roach) and then from there, found this podcast!

    Have listened to every one, and look forward to the next.

    Thanks for everything – You’re very instrumental in shaping my business.

    Take Care,
    Carol Amato

  4. Great show guys

    You mentioned John Lee Dumas. What are your thoughts on how he has added lots of keywords to the title of his podcast in iTunes? Do you think this works and will have any longevity?


  5. Fantastic episode!
    It was awesome to hear that even in person (and entirely live) you guys still have such great rapport πŸ™‚
    Thanks so much lads.


  6. Hey Guys, speaking of podcasts and John Lee Dumas… This morning he interviewed Caue Suplicy who came up with this new product Barnana… An organic snack bar that apparently is the equivalent to eating 5 bananas! Sounds right up your alley Ezra! πŸ˜‰

  7. Great show guys,very informative. As a retired NFL player I have a lot to learn but with great advice from you I plan on launching my podcast next month. It is called “Joe to Pro” when it happens it will be because of you guys! Thanks Again.

  8. Bernadette Samway says

    Sexy Jesus! I agree! πŸ™‚ along with that – this is a fantastic episode!! πŸ™‚ thank you for the transparency Ezra and James, there are some fantastic pearls of wisdom in here.

  9. I think this is my favorite TAG episode! Nice work guys!

    A little feedback… The audio quality was a little rough. I found it difficult to understand you at times. Also, clinking in the background was distracting. Was the audience having dinner? πŸ˜‰ Perhaps you could try a different audio setup for the next live show…?

  10. A fantastic live video podcast! I believe Ezra shared this is a Facebook group this afternoon and watched it this afternoon. I have been on the fence of pulling the trigger on a podcast and what you guys shared…was just awesome! Thank you!

  11. sethlarrabee says

    I was able to set up and launch my new Defining Moments For Internet Marketers podcast based on what I learned from this podcast. Much thanks to James and Ezra for the AWESOME information! Rock On!!!

  12. Hollis Carter says

    Great stuff! you guys are the shiznizal bamboozal

    Props to Ezra for still dropping quality info with that wicked cold.

  13. Going back in time to listen and watch. Great evergreen content, and I’ll definitely be putting these to use with my upcoming podcasts!

  14. Alastair Wolfe says

    Evergreen content indeed as I’m loving this nearly 2 years after it was recorded! Incredible strategy and tactics. Keep it coming!



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