20 – Control

It’s something a lot of people seek to have in their lives, yet there are times when the best thing we can do is relinquish it. In this episode of ThinkActGet James and Ezra explore the topic of control.


Too much control and you can lose it altogether


In the Podcast:

02:16 – The thing many people insist on keeping
03:26 – Power versus control
05:00 – Control in a team setting
08:43 – Culture according to Netflix
09:06 – The “unexpected good” phenomenon
11:02 – How do you control an online community?
15:30 – The soap analogy
16:01 – WWW: Where are you being controlling?
16:57 – Travel and releasing control
20:34 – News and updates – FWF4 fast approaching
22:24 – Ezra’s Brown Box Report
24:01 – James still killing it with SEO
27:42 – Comments and SpeakPipe
30:42 – James is human
36:30 – Should TAG use censoring?
41:34 – Think about it quotes
45:22 – TAG tips



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