2 – Timing

The success of your product depends on creating it at the right time. Listening to this podcast is the perfect time for you to know more about timing.


Sometimes good timing is everything


Topics discussed in the podcast:

  • James Schramko product creation
  • Grinding out products
  • Use analogies to explain things
  • All about timing
  • The story about “Johnny, How You Doin’?”
  • The story about ” The Top Golfer v’s the Amateur”
  • Make timing your strength
  • The story about “The Skincare Company”
  • Pay attention to others to get the perfect timing
  • About the movie “Moneyball”
  • Doing the non-classic sales strategy
  • Using different media formats relevant to a particular query
  • Identify which eco systems work well with your business
  • Pay attention to the right time to put out content
  • When to post on Facebook to get organic results?
  • Time for the Weekly Willpower Wager
  • Internet News and updates
  • The BrownBox Formula Course coming out
  • The Manhattan Marketing Meetup
  • The “Think About It” quote
  • Mindset and strategy tip
  • Re-purposing old useful content
  • On another interview about writing a book
  • A lifestyle tip “What makes you uncomfortable?”



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