19 – Habits

Habits are things that we do regularly, but where do they come from and how do they affect your life and business?

golden sunrise

A view worth waking up to


This week’s highlights:
01:07 – What are habits?
01:44 – What’s the circus got to do with this episode?
02: 54 – The dog and the ice cream analogies
04:20 – Stop It
06:51 – Build habits with repetition
08:37 – Break bad habits with awareness
12:25 – The SilverCircle way to instill habits in people
16:34 – This week’s Weekly Willpower Wager
19:34 – Share your intentions to us
19:50 – Don’t share that idea
21:20 – FWF4 is coming in a couple of weeks!
24:15 – Look out for TAG’s “chargiest” episode
26:33 – Brown Box Formula is coming
29:35 – Time for Listener Comments
45:22 – The magic idea of “filters”
48:35 – Think About It quotes
50:38 – TAG tips: Buddy up!



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