19 – Habits

Habits are things that we do regularly, but where do they come from and how do they affect your life and business?

golden sunrise

A view worth waking up to


This week’s highlights:
01:07 – What are habits?
01:44 – What’s the circus got to do with this episode?
02: 54 – The dog and the ice cream analogies
04:20 – Stop It
06:51 – Build habits with repetition
08:37 – Break bad habits with awareness
12:25 – The SilverCircle way to instill habits in people
16:34 – This week’s Weekly Willpower Wager
19:34 – Share your intentions to us
19:50 – Don’t share that idea
21:20 – FWF4 is coming in a couple of weeks!
24:15 – Look out for TAG’s “chargiest” episode
26:33 – Brown Box Formula is coming
29:35 – Time for Listener Comments
45:22 – The magic idea of “filters”
48:35 – Think About It quotes
50:38 – TAG tips: Buddy up!



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Mad TV Bob Newhart Skit – Mo Collins – Stop It


Derek Sivers: Keep Your Goals To Yourself



  1. Andrew Cordova says

    I can’t believe you took that picture with your phone. And I’m not gonna say what habit I’m going to work on picking up since I’m on the side of rather saying what I’ve done rather than saying what I’m going to do. Thanks for another thought provoking podcast.

  2. It is amazing to me, what we already know, but forget to continue to do… Great episode guys! It was a great reminder of things that I should be doing, and should be focusing on always.

    Circus training, stretching ham strings… You can’t make this stuff up! You just never know what Ezra will come up with next.


  3. James I almost forgot! I was wondering if you guys would be interested in joining an MLM company that delivers soap! You said you didn’t like MLM companies with soap in a “no name box”. Our soap has a name!… LOL

    (Note to self: Don’t bring up Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, religion, or MLM with James)

    • Ezra Firestone says

      HA! @Eric do you really have an MLM company that sells soap? If so, that is just too classic!

  4. Great show guys thanks can’t wait for every weeks new show.

  5. Great episode guys. Got me thinking of our little habits.

    In the last 48 hiurs I have worked with my kids to get some better personal habits. Anyone with kids knows that simple things like eating vege and brushing teeth can be quite painful. We have put in place some reminders and some rewards to try and help build up our habits with these simple day to day tasks that should be more automatic.

    Thanks again guys. Keep up the work and looking forward to seeing you at FWF4,


  6. Hey Guys,

    Great show – you’ve inspired me to look at my habits, assess and correct.

    Have already implemented a few new actions that will become habits, so stoked about feeling more in control.

    By the way, I would never want you to be anything other than what you are, but not everyone (me included) shares the humor about the “sexy Jesus” joking.

    Again, I don’t expect you to change, but wanted to give you my perspective.

    Have always gleaned a lot from each show and look forward to the next one! 🙂

    – Carol Amato

    • Interesting point Carol. In some forums they refer to the Sexy Jesus – he has taken on a real character. The thing is we were reporting on fact. It was a calendar Ezra was invited to be in. I do think it is hilarious.

      I love the way Ricky Gervais looks at it: “I never actively try to offend. That’s churlish, pointless and frankly too easy. But I believe you should say what you mean. Be honest. No one should ever be offended by truth. That way you’ll never have to apologize. I hate it when a comedian says, “Sorry for what I said.” You shouldn’t say it if you didn’t mean it and you should never regret anything you meant to do. As a comedian, I think my job isn’t just to make people laugh but also make them think. As a famous comedian, I also want a strict door policy on my club. Not everyone will like what I say or find it funny. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. There are enough comedians who try to please everyone as it is. Good luck to them, but that’s not my game, I’m afraid.”

      reference http://ideas.time.com/2011/11/09/the-difference-between-american-and-british-humour/#ixzz2VLgJXGan

  7. Another great show guys. I find I can’t resist listening to it, once it pops up on the itunes feed.

    James, I really thank you for your direction on selling, in previous podcast. In another life I spent about a year selling karate memberships door-to-door. It was all about the hard sell. This lead me to think, I can not sell and I hate selling (if this is what it is all about).

    These days I am an architect and have started a new practice about 12 mths ago. The fact is when I have people approach me interested in my services, it is not hard to be passionate about what I love doing, and your tip on the “spin selling” is just great. I have to go through much of this to understand and develop a solution for each client anyway, but I am always in the situation of having to sell ideas to people or groups of people.

    A big thanks and keep up the great work. I will check back in when I can show some evidence of my habit I will be working on developing.

  8. @Ezra your great too. TAG wouldn’t be what it is without you providing the juicy subjects that are discussed.

    Off to form some useful habits.

  9. Hi James & Ezra,

    This was a great episode. I’ve listened to it about five times now.

    You both were dropping great knowledge bombs that really helped kick my ass into gear.

    I’ve now acquired the habit of consistent content creation based around questions I get from clients. It’s also turning into great fun as well.

    Thanks again.

    Warmest regards,


  10. Mike Storm says

    Schrammy, epic picture! That’s some vision board material. Thanks for sharing.


  11. Phil W. Blackwell says

    Great episode.. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg is well worth adding to your list!

  12. Darius McDonald says

    Hi James and Ezra,

    Thank you for the ongoing content you provide every week and the time you take to produce such wonderful, philisophical discussions.

    I am catching up on all your episodes. I listen to TAG mostly in my car and it is a great companion on my journey’s between appointments.

    I am an entrepreneur with a backgeound in health and fitness. I really stepped up my ambition early 2013 when we found out we were having our first baby. In January 2013, a respected friend of mine with high morals and ethics introduced me to some products that he thought would interest me due to my background in health and fitness. I thanked him for thinking of me and found time to meet with his Dad and a another friend. Towards the end of our meeting, I said “isn’t this one of those pyramid things.”
    I was told “Look that refers to the old style of system where it was about pressure selling and exchange of money for no product at all”. The product was backed by some real science which I could understand because of my previous experiences so I couldn’t wait to try it and wanted the World to know about it. I signed up as a distributor a day later because the science was legit.

    Look, to cut a long story short, the products which I will not mention, as this is not a sales pitch, have changed my life and some of my family and friends lives. I will spare you the details but I just want to help raise your awareness that there are some truly amazing MLM or Network Marketing companies out there that really care about people. My mentors care about my development inside and outside the company, as do I about my team.

    The journey I have been on was fuelled alot by my mentor, Roy, helping me with reading material to expand my reality and help me see what I was capable of. He also used resources from other Network Marketing professionals to teach me the skills required to be successful, which cross pollinate to other industries too. Fascinating and I lapped it all up. Learninf about the subconscious mind etc.

    I have gone from not reading, listening or watching any new material to having the habit of making sure I do some personal development every day. Sometimes 2 to 3 hrs a day. If I don’t get at least 30 minutes in I feel funny 🙂

    Here’s what I am saying. Some MLM companies are full of promise but behind closed doors are not what they say they are. But some truly care and help people become better people. My company and mentors have helped me become a better more productive and understanding person.

    Since joining my Network Marketing company last year my confidence has grown to the point where I started my own Mastermind group in January 2014. From that point I have invested in a limited company that plans to float on the stock exchange, started an Amazon Private labelling business(thank you for the free webinar Ezra) with two partners, started an app building company with one other person, and am about to buy a business with a 10 year track record with another partner. These are in addition to my self employed business as a fitness professional which has been running for six years.

    It is an exciting journey. Without my experience with Network Marketing I may not have had the confidence to do all this before I even have hit 30 years old. I want to retire by the age of 40 to enjoy my family life while my kids will be hitting their teenage years and hopefully want to enjoy time with their Dad. I am passionate about helping others and I truly appreciate you both for all that you do.

    I hope this has helped expand your reality just a little bit.

    Thanks everyone who managed to read the whole post.

    Darius McDonald
    I love to connect and learn from new people.

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