18 – Fear

Fear – what is it, where does it come from and how does it affect your business and your life?


Does fear control you?


05:28 – Why is fear the most powerful sales tool?
09:40 – Ezra’s goal in life
10:44 – FEAR is an acronym for ___
12:55 – Is your fear your own or from society?
14:14 – The story of Joe
15:40 – Fear of loss and identifying them
16:35 – James and Ezra’s take on bullying
21:24 – Weekly Willpower Wager
22:03 – People’s most common fears
22:43 – Public speaking is not exactly all about content
25:20 – The best thing you can do for you business
26:18 – Leave your comments on our site
26:58 – Deadlines are great in a marketing POV
27:23 – TAG has 3 5-star reviews!
33:22 – Is there a topic you’d want us to discuss?
33:46 – Think About It quotes
35:40 – Why put yourself in situations that make you uncomfortable?
40:33 – Question your fears
41:20 – If not now, when? Get things done today!



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  1. I really liked this episode James and Ezra, thank you. James, your acknowledgement of how much you were learning yourself was wonderful, I have noticed how much you are acknowledging others lately and I think it is creating an even more thriving community.

    Also, the fear topic was great. It is critical to understand that much human motivation is avoiding the negative rather than seeking the positive. I liked the story about Joe, that is a great analogy for creating a relationship with tribe. Joe is essentially “other focussed”, not forcing his own agenda or goals, but giving the other person what they want and need and building trust. That way people come to you, it is an excellent strategy.

    Bullying is an extreme defensive tactic. Bullies go on the offense hard and early, to distract others from their own real insecurities.

    Thanks guys, this is really a cut above any other business podcast.

  2. Fatma Saad says

    Speak Your Mind….

    It is great wonderful words that’s let me think what I will say if am going to speak through my mind!!! I’m Fatma Saad from Sultant of Oman. I like what you have done its great job I love the ideas it’s really inspire me to try do my best for life. I really love your episodes and your website; Think, act, get also this short words is awesome am keep thinking all day how I can keep combining it to get best result. Fast business absolutely has a good impact for the life. Certainly, It is the idea that’s every day coming in my mind and keep asking myself when, where, how am going to start it. I know it is not means any things, but I will keep listing to your voice through the episodes maybe I find the answer through it. Sorry for disturbing just I want to share it.
    Best regards
    Fatma Saad

    • Ezra Firestone says

      You’re not disturbing us Fatma – we are happy to hear your comments and viewpoints on the show. Thanks for listening.

  3. Brilliant!
    Fear is only the perception of what change may bring. I call it the perception deception.
    Cool stuff

  4. Hi James and Ezra.

    I wanted to make a comment about you guys reading reviews from iTunes, and talking about people who have left comments on your blog.

    I think talking about reviews and comments is a good thing. And I don’t see anything wrong with you reading or discussing the positive comments that were left about you or the podcast. I don’t take it as you boasting, or talking good about yourself. (Sorry Timbo) I think it is good to interact with your audience, it gives you more credibility, and shows listeners that others are here and also listening.

    And for me, it is always fun and a nice surprise when you hear your own comment read or commented on, on your podcast.

    Take care.
    Eric Foster

    • Thank you Eric – a lot of people say that it makes them feel special – and I suspect that makes it more powerful for all of us. Also – it si a two way community here since Hipster Ezra has that communal vibe happening. The more people who participate the better.

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