18 – Fear

Fear – what is it, where does it come from and how does it affect your business and your life?


Does fear control you?


05:28 – Why is fear the most powerful sales tool?
09:40 – Ezra’s goal in life
10:44 – FEAR is an acronym for ___
12:55 – Is your fear your own or from society?
14:14 – The story of Joe
15:40 – Fear of loss and identifying them
16:35 – James and Ezra’s take on bullying
21:24 – Weekly Willpower Wager
22:03 – People’s most common fears
22:43 – Public speaking is not exactly all about content
25:20 – The best thing you can do for you business
26:18 – Leave your comments on our site
26:58 – Deadlines are great in a marketing POV
27:23 – TAG has 3 5-star reviews!
33:22 – Is there a topic you’d want us to discuss?
33:46 – Think About It quotes
35:40 – Why put yourself in situations that make you uncomfortable?
40:33 – Question your fears
41:20 – If not now, when? Get things done today!



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