17 – Rights

We all think we have rights. But what exactly are they, how do they affect us, and what do we do when we feel they are violated? We delve into that and more in this episode of ThinkActGet.


Do rules protect or impinge on our rights?


Episode highlights:

01:02 – The truth about SEO right now
02:24 – What are RIGHTS?
03:47 – Do these people have the right?
09:36 – Making a choice
11:42 – The Weekly Will Power Wager: Stop the “Wang-Wang”
13:28 – The Big Event is just a month away
14:29 – What’s got Ezra excited about FWF 4
16:19 – Love, love and more love…
18:31 – “Getting Everything You Can Out Of All You’ve Got”
22:15 – Think about it
24:00 – Why you should take resposibility
25:29 – Considering the rights and feelings of others first
26:27 – Tag tip: Creating the perfect environment for your customers
27:29 – Read Instant Influence and SPIN Selling
29:10 – Mindset and strategy: You always have __ ways to win and __ way to lose
30:51 – The podcast summary



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  1. Kate Luella says

    (I agree on the MLM stuff J)

    But really, you thought about telling him to discuss his diet issues because of his weight – I would have loved to see that J 🙂

  2. Great show, guys!

    Awesome insight today! Gonna take the challenge of daily stopping to think about ‘my rights’ and why I feel the way I do…

    I’ve experienced subscribers getting on my list just to send one of their offers whether it be MLM or not.

    I used to send a friendly email, and this would result in a ping pong effect of emails…

    NOW…I just grab their email address, delete the email, and go into AWeber to take them OFF my list!

    Then, I block them from ever having the opportunity to feel entitled to spam me again.

    Saves time in the long run.

    Love the show, keep it up! 🙂

    Carol Amato

  3. (Roman. Contact me regarding my proposal in this episode)

    Hi James and Ezra,

    Awesome episode as always. And thanks for reading my comment from the previous episode…

    James, I heard you speak of this method… Getting sponsored to attend an event on someone else’s behalf, and then working for them to implement the ideas for them in their business, so they can recoup their expenses. Great tip!

    Guys, I get so much out of each episode. So… keep up the great work.

    Eric Foster

  4. Great show guys thanks

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