16 – Excuses

Most of the time, we come up with excuses to justify why we postpone or completely avoid accomplishing certain tasks. Listen to this podcast and discover how your excuses may keep you from moving forward.


Tear up those excuses


In this podcast:

00:51 – What are excuses and how do they affect you?
03:26 – How Dale Carnegie puts it
03:53 – Understanding the Situation – SPIN Selling
04:48 – Check out Instant Influence
05:58 – The common excuse when considering priorities
10:13 – One of the best ways to eliminate excuses
12:30 – Weekly Will Power Wager: What’s holding you back?
14:06 – Update on FastWebFormula 4 – TAG live episode
15:48 – We want your voice on our show
16:22 – Get the chance to visit Ezra’s home
17:13 – Roman is back!
22:08 – “The Secret” phenomenal marketing exercise
25:54 – You should try out this free tool
26:11 – We hear from our Facebook followers
28:30 – Ezra’s view on SEO
32:53 – Think about it
34:12 – Tag tip: Be willing to question what you think is reality
35:30 – How to maximize your life experiences



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  1. Brilliant episode guys! No Excuse!

    I read a quote recently about how being “too busy” to get anything done, is simply the “too lazy” of old! We hear it ALL the time and it is just an excuse for not being organised or motivated to get your backside into gear!!

    Also, “I don’t know” is no longer an excuse we can use – if you don’t know then GOOGLE it!! You will be able to find out and learn, regardless of what it is you “don’t know”!

    So thanks again! I’m off to face some of those excuses in my head front on!

  2. An update:

    You got me kick-started and confronting those excuses head on – 12 hours ago I had all the reasons under the sun why I couldn’t get my webinar recording into a video and onto my website. Now it’s done; converted, imported, edited, auphonic’d and uploaded to Youtube, ready to go onto the website first thing in the morning!

    T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U both for your great podcasts!

  3. Hey Guys,

    loving it so much (especially since you read out my comment on the show – was weird to hear my words as I was driving along knowing that i have been immortalised with Ezra’s words. Listened to the interview that James did with Ezra on the ecommerce on Superfast Business: A-mazing!! I was wondering when the episode on negotiations was going to happen, hopefully you have this in the pipeline. Also I had a couple of questions: 1) what is the name of the plugin on the RHS with the optin as you scroll and 2) what comments system are you using on the sight?

    Cheers Guys – just loving it looking forward to Fast Web formula – just about to buy the ticket

  4. Nailed it, this was great!

    No Time? Wake up earlier, go to bed latter, eliminate 3 time wasters you do each day and agree – Email is a Time Vacuum. Set Filters and definitely time blocks of when you’ll open email.

    Look forward to the topic you mentioned about converting more with the existing traffic you have. My one site gets 40,000 a month and just bumped conversion up using SpringMetrics to 3.5% Would love to bump it a little more.

    Great Show Guys!

  5. Is it possible to download for later listening?

  6. It’s okay Sussed it

    Yes went to iTunes and downloaded from there!

  7. Am loving these podcasts! I am addicted them, I only just discovered them this morning and have listened to 3 already (in just one day) and onto my 4th 🙂

  8. Up to Ep 16 in one week. Hope to catch up soon.

    On the topic of your logo, or anyone’s logo/graphic, I have a cheap way to AB Test it with thousands of people. Use Facebook advertising and load up 2 logos and the same copy. Most clicks wins. And $50 will get you some reasonable results and 1,000’s of impressions.

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