16 – Excuses

Most of the time, we come up with excuses to justify why we postpone or completely avoid accomplishing certain tasks. Listen to this podcast and discover how your excuses may keep you from moving forward.


Tear up those excuses


In this podcast:

00:51 – What are excuses and how do they affect you?
03:26 – How Dale Carnegie puts it
03:53 – Understanding the Situation – SPIN Selling
04:48 – Check out Instant Influence
05:58 – The common excuse when considering priorities
10:13 – One of the best ways to eliminate excuses
12:30 – Weekly Will Power Wager: What’s holding you back?
14:06 – Update on FastWebFormula 4 – TAG live episode
15:48 – We want your voice on our show
16:22 – Get the chance to visit Ezra’s home
17:13 – Roman is back!
22:08 – “The Secret” phenomenal marketing exercise
25:54 – You should try out this free tool
26:11 – We hear from our Facebook followers
28:30 – Ezra’s view on SEO
32:53 – Think about it
34:12 – Tag tip: Be willing to question what you think is reality
35:30 – How to maximize your life experiences



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