15 – Confidence

Do you have too much, too little or just enough confidence to achieve your goals? Let’s discuss about confidence in this podcast…


Do you have the confidence to keep going?


In this episode:

02:22 – The definition of “Confidence”

03:32 – How do you overcome Lack of Confidence?

07:35 – Starting SilverCircle Mastermind

11:20 – Admitting that you need help

18:42 – Your Weekly Will Power Wager is _______

19:24 – Talk and Grow Rich by Ron Holland – Working under pressure

20:02 – Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz – Visualization and role playing

21:24 – The Chaser’s War on Everything – The Secret

22:00 – FastWebFormula 4 Is coming up this June in Sydney

23:17 – More info on the Hawaii Lifestyle/Business Retreat

23:48 – Using the “Tarot Card Effect”

24:35 – The importance of getting enough rest

25:52 – Neuro Programmer – Transparent Corp

27:10 – Ted Talk – Julian Treasure

27:31 – Keep an eye out for Ezra’s new ecommerce course

28:18 – Listen to the SuperFastBusiness Ecommerce interview

34:28 – FreedomOcean is highly recommended

38:22 – Become an authority usingΒ OwnTheRacecourse.com

38:52 – Does our podcast suck?

44:27 – Should we change the intro jingle?

48:58 – Think about it

52:16 – TAG tip: Be willing to use the resources around you

54:25 – Be willing to apologize



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  1. That secret video is a classic – pretty much sums up how I feel about that whole thing, too.

  2. Thank you for the episode!
    I want to clarify some things:

    1) I said in the beginning and at the end that I like the Podcast…
    2) My point of view about the Hawaii retreat was misunderstood. (my fault certainly).

    I am 150% for it, and I think it’s awesome to do this in a beautiful place like Hawaii.

    I tried to explain that i think you have more than a thousand listeners and it will work just for a few of them (which is cool and normal), but more than a thousand less a bunch will not participate on it and when someone “begin” a new podcast like TAG, I don’t know if I would promote first something that is not going to be a direct “add on” to everyone…

    And do not get me wrong, I think that when something is more “Exclusiv”, I tend like to love it more, and I think i will be part of this Hawaiian retreat one day (if I am still to be accepted πŸ˜‰ ) after my take on this πŸ˜‰

    And yes, it’s a free podcast and that’s cool, I do the same for my podcast. It was my little take on this.

    About the intro, think that when, like Freedom Ocean, you listen to it 56 times, it’s the part that is the most repeated in every episode. I think that the energy, enthusiasm and fun that come from Ezra and James, is not reflected on this intro…

    When I talked about the logo, I did not mention the website that is more than cool…

    Remember, my first take: I like this Podcast πŸ˜‰

    Have a great day or night and continue the show!

  3. What a wonderful surprise to see this episode!

    Fantastic take-away for me, thanks for delving into this so thoroughly!

    Agree, logo is fine, audio intro could be more exciting…

    Cool that you can pick up confidence from those around me…

    Wow – SUCH wisdom on the apology thing…especially with regards to someone feeling hurt, and acknowledging that it’s real for them… Loved your response to that – this is a golden nugget for marriage as well!

    Excellent episode, thanks!!

    – Carol

  4. Hi James and Ezra (And Roman),

    Great show as always!… Thank You!

    Ezra, I have listened to everything in iTunes that I could find on James. And Ezra, maybe James won’t admit it, or even agree, but I think you bring out a different side of him that I have not heard on other shows. (To be clear, in a good way). Maybe it is because most of the other shows, James is being “interviewed” and is a “guest” (except Freedom Ocean). I think the chemistry between you two is great, and very much enjoyable. I hear James laugh and joke more in this show, than any others that I have found. So Ezra, good on you for bringing out that side of James into the public eye. And Ezra, you almost make me want to get into eCommerce, just so I can learn from you. πŸ™‚

    The Intro?… I had to listen to it again, and actually think about it. But to me, the intro does capture the show pretty well. More of a mellow, mystical, intro and music, that I think fits in with the “Think, Act, Get” branding.

    The Logo?… I never have looked at, or maybe I just never really noticed it. Those kind of things are not something that I personally care about. The information, content, and the learning is what I notice… As an example, I wouldn’t spend my time coming back for bad content, with a pretty logo.

    FYI – The retreat info on the products page, shows the date of the retreat from 06/09/13 to 08/09/13. I think there is a typo there… If it were a 2 month retreat, that would be awesome!

    As far as the cost of the retreat… I think the cost is fair for what one would get out of it. First and foremost, the education and information someone would learn. And secondly for me, I have never been to Hawaii, and I think I am the only one left in the States that has not been there. πŸ˜‰

    I wish I could attend, and I am looking for a way to make it happen… If not this time, next time!

    And Roman… I too appreciate your comments. Everyone has a right to their own opinion, and I took what you said as suggestions, or simply your input on it, and that is ok! More so, I think your comment above shows your sincerity in making the comments that you made. It was meant on your part, as a good thing, and I think that is great that you care enough to offer your suggestions.

    Roman, I know you said you could not attend the retreat, and that money wasn’t the reason that you could not attend… So I assume that it is time? If you sponsor me to go in your absence, I could go on your behalf, take extensive notes, and learn everything that is being taught. And then, I would work for you, and help you to implement all of the ideas into your business, and I would do so until you felt you have recouped the cost of the event. I can be reached on Twitter @GoBrickless if you care to discuss further.

    Thanks again everyone.

    Eric Foster
    Oregon USA

    • Eric I agree Ezra brings out a different side of me. One that I like. Also – I have recently moved back to the beach and that too has brought out a better side to me. if you check the most recent work from http://www.SuperFastBusiness.com and http://www.FreedomOcean.com they have Lifted IMHO. I do laugh the most in TSG though!

      Regarding dates – that is how we write dates outside the USA. I’ll add a month for all to see it the way it was intended. I dont why you guys are still imperial etc… blows my mind.

  5. I think listening to proper British accent, like Julian Treasure’s, is a good substitute for birdsong.

  6. I do think that the logo is a bit dull, but is clear.

  7. hey guys, interesting episode about confidence. Having supportive people around you can really help to inspire and encourage you, which in turn can boost your confidence. But you also need a healthy balance of challenge to stretch and test you. The moral being to surround yourself with people who will support and challenge you by lifting you up when you are down and levelling you out when you get cocky. Also practice really helps to grow your confidence, that’s how professionals do it so you should too. Keep up the great show.
    All the best
    ps. I think the show would benefit from a more energetic and vibrant intro

  8. Excellent stuff. I am building a business with the confidence of ”reaching my goal in 3 years” plus I’m building a team of motivated people with my ethos of customer service and sales. Plus they need to be a bit mad. Confidence comes from surrounding oneself with successful people and seeing yourself already at the place you want to be. All good.

  9. Hey boys, had to chuckle when you mentioned the reach of podcasts and how versatile they are as a marketing tool….couldn’t be more true, listened to the latest few episodes sitting on a plane from KL back home to Chiang Mai.

    I’ll counter Roman’s feedback, I actually like the intro although I it does need a small tweak – ezra should be referred to by his full name, Ezra “Sexy Jesus” Firestone

  10. Kath Cotrell says

    I want you to know how much I appreciate that the website has each episode indexed. That makes it so easy to go back whenever I want to refresh my memory on a particular segment. Thank you for that.

    Thoughts on the logo: On iTunes it is reminiscent of a beer bottle label, which I like, though the colors could be brighter. The logo on the website looks like a racetrack – coincidence, James? πŸ˜‰

    I like the woman’s spiel in the intro. It’s calm, matter of fact, sums up and sets the tone for the podcast. I say keep it!

  11. Thanks for this podcast – thoroughly enjoyed it
    I have been exposed to so many bad internet marketing courses that have been scams – I know James that your suite of products is awesome and have experienced this first hand and look forward to eventually doing more.

    Ezra -I am looking at doing your Brown Box Formula and seem to lack the confidence due to lack of my overall internet experience -can a novice do this?

  12. Up to Ep 15 in one week. Hope to catch up soon.

    On the topic of your logo, or anyone’s logo/graphic, I have a cheap way to AB Test it with thousands of people. Use Facebook advertising and load up 2 logos and the same copy. Most clicks wins. And $50 will get you some reasonable results and 1,000’s of impressions.

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