14 – Rest

The busier we are with our daily lives, the more we see resting as a luxury.  We fear that we will miss out when we rest .  This podcast will tell you otherwise…


Start your day well-rested


In this week’s episode:

01:12 – Rest hastens growth
02:13 – Insights from The Promise of Sleep
05:47 – The effect of light on sleep behavior
07:09 – Cuddles, anyone?
10:18 – Paying a price in sleep hours
13:46 – Burgers and breakfasts
17:47 – Having versus being
22:03 – Wager: Can you powernap?
24:26 – The subject of stimulants
27:27 – News and updates
30:04 – Listener comments
40:16 – Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: “Sharpen the saw”
41:44 – Aristotle Onassis: “…learn to sail in the high winds”
42:53 – TAG tip: Take some rest
43:33 – Mindset: Be willing to slow down



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  1. Perfect timing, team! I’m in the middle of a webinar series to launch my new book and I am SO tired; just too excited to sleep properly and 1,000 different things to do!

  2. hi guys, another great show. Great points about getting enough rest. My wife is a chiropractor and says sleep is a critical part of your body’s daily recovery process. It is while you are asleep that your body regenerates and recovers from the day’s activity and stress.

    If you are not sleeping well or getting enough sleep, your body will struggle to repair itself. She also says you should aim to get eight hours sleep a night, and every 30 minutes you get before midnight is equal to two hours of normal sleep.

    Keep up the fine work.

  3. Tim and I are enjoying listening to your podcasts together in the car. I agree with both of you that sleep deprivation is an epidemic. In yoga, one of my most popular classes and most watched and requested videos is yoga nidra or sleep yoga – Ezra is probably familiar with it! 🙂 People go crazy for it. It is a conscious sleep and more restful than actual sleeping. Imagine what would happen if people took getting replenishing their energy as seriously as filling bank account. Thanks for the great podcast – we are loving it! Namaste, Melissa

  4. filling *their bank account – woops! 🙂

  5. Mitch Cann says

    The Podcast is getting more addictive guys.
    I love hearing Ezra and James with their thoughts on each subject.
    The content is thought provoking and keeps it very human.
    Please tell us James?
    What is Tanks real name?
    Hope you didn’t come home without finding out?
    Keep up the great podcast.
    Can’t wait to see You both at Fast Web Formula 4.

  6. James,

    Perhaps you would be interested in having your team create a list of the 1900 domains you will never use. I have a self-directed retirement account that may be interested in buying some of them.


  7. Hi James,
    I think it was this episode where you mentioned the an audio editing software and I though I heard you say allphonic.com? I think I must’ve heard you wrong because I couldn’t find it, do you mind sharing it again? Thank you so much, I’m a huge TAG fan.

    Best Wishes,

  8. Thank you so much.

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