14 – Rest

The busier we are with our daily lives, the more we see resting as a luxury.  We fear that we will miss out when we rest .  This podcast will tell you otherwise…


Start your day well-rested


In this week’s episode:

01:12 – Rest hastens growth
02:13 – Insights from The Promise of Sleep
05:47 – The effect of light on sleep behavior
07:09 – Cuddles, anyone?
10:18 – Paying a price in sleep hours
13:46 – Burgers and breakfasts
17:47 – Having versus being
22:03 – Wager: Can you powernap?
24:26 – The subject of stimulants
27:27 – News and updates
30:04 – Listener comments
40:16 – Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: “Sharpen the saw”
41:44 – Aristotle Onassis: “…learn to sail in the high winds”
42:53 – TAG tip: Take some rest
43:33 – Mindset: Be willing to slow down



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