13 – Learning

There is no limit, nor age for you to be hungry for more knowledge.  After listening to this podcast, you’ll realize a lot of things about ‘learning’.


Continue learning at any age


In this podcast episode:

00:44 – Managing your energy
02:15 – What happened before this recording
03:45 – Show notes aside
06:36 – How are you dealing with learning?
08:23 – Learn what you want from those who know it
10:11 – Why Ezra didn’t go to college
14:28 – Learning by doing
16:27 – What a lot of people don’t want to do
18:24 – Let Me Google That For You
19:51 – How do you decide what to learn next?
22:21 – Embrace learning
26:06 – News and updates: did you miss the Big Announcement?
27:19 – Listener feedback
34:25 – Think about it
38:09 – TAG tip: Look through the eyes of a tourist
41:34 –  Mindset and strategy: Always be learning something



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