12 – Acknowledgement

Do you acknowledge people too much, or not at all? Know how much is ‘too much’ in this podcast.

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The show getting some acknowledgement


In this podcast:

00:49 – How should you address your audience?
02:12 – The most powerful tool we have
02:53 – An exchange of acknowledgement
03:46 – Forget the woo-woo
05:54 – All it takes is noticing
07:34 – Agreement creates reality
10:27 – How much are you acknowledging people?
15:11 – At least once a day for a week acknowledge someone
15:54 – Updates: FWF4 to focus on clarity and confidence
18:07 – At last, the Big Announcement
22:44 – Love for Ezra
23:41 – Listeners’ feedback
30:15 – Think About It quotes
36:02 – Lifestyle tip: Diversify your experiences
37:30 – The approval sandwich



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  1. Hey James, I really love the bit about how you spoke to the removal man about your library! Jim Rohn is amazing.. I love all his quotes. I sometimes shy away from talking to random people about personal development stuff, something I should do more often… thanks for the inspiration.

    Julz 🙂

  2. Another exceptional podcast guys! Thank you.

  3. Hi guys,

    i have been with this podcast fro the start and love the balance it provides. This episode is another example of inspirational thinking with practical application. I believe in the abundance mentality although agree completely with “forget the woo woo” it is not an=bout wishes and magic, it is about knowing your outcome and putting yourself in the way of opportunity (implementation, process and application). Looking forward to the next one. (Oh and a trip to Hawaii has been on my goals list)

  4. Where’s the download for non-itunes users? Thanks

  5. Great stuff you guys are the best

  6. Love the show, hate the drums.

  7. Hi Ezra, James,

    Where can we get more information about the Hawaii event?

  8. Hi Ezra and James
    Ever since I read Dale Carnegie’s book How to Win Friends and Influence People about 15 years ago my life was forever changed. You are right, acknowledgment is such a powerful tool. This podcast is inspiring tones of people to go out acknowledge other people for their strengths and the unique ways they making a difference in the world. That is powerful stuff. This is the episode that got me started listening to your podcast, Tim had been saying Ezra this and Ezra that with James, but when the episode with acknowledgment came up he said – seriously – I know you spend two weeks on acknowledgment with your teachers in your continuing education course for yoga teachers – I think you’re gonna want to listen – and now we listen together 🙂 Thanks for putting out such great inspirational content. With gratitude, Melissa

    • Ezra Firestone says

      Melissa, this is so nice to hear! It really is such a powerful practice and I am stoked that this is the episode that “got” you. Thank you for being a part of our little community.

  9. Hi Ezra and James,

    I just can’t say this enough–I really love this new podcast! I have been implementing this samurai sword:) for the past few days with my husband and children, and I can tell how effective it is!! I love when Ezra says that he likes to catch people doing “right” which is very important for good parenting! And in marriage too!

    I would love to hear about James and Ezra’s morning routine. Are you reading, having a green smoothie, exercising?? I find myself waking up and just blasting into the day without mapping it out or having any quiet time, so I am curious if you two do something different?

    Thanks so much!!


    P.S. It looks like the link for the ‘contact us’ page (superfasthelp.com) is down. Just wanted to give you a head’s up.

    • ‘routine’ would be great! Amy I know that we lose willpower quickly during the day so I hit the big jobs first. A light glance of emails to check for ‘urgent’ then breakfast then I make content. Video or audio content is good to do when fresh. Then I check forums, emails, work through my todo list and take time out to walk, swim, ride. I often read in the afternoon and listen to podcasts or watch a movie.

  10. Great little nuggets in this one. You two do great work. Thanks.

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