12 – Acknowledgement

Do you acknowledge people too much, or not at all? Know how much is ‘too much’ in this podcast.

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The show getting some acknowledgement


In this podcast:

00:49 – How should you address your audience?
02:12 – The most powerful tool we have
02:53 – An exchange of acknowledgement
03:46 – Forget the woo-woo
05:54 – All it takes is noticing
07:34 – Agreement creates reality
10:27 – How much are you acknowledging people?
15:11 – At least once a day for a week acknowledge someone
15:54 – Updates: FWF4 to focus on clarity and confidence
18:07 – At last, the Big Announcement
22:44 – Love for Ezra
23:41 – Listeners’ feedback
30:15 – Think About It quotes
36:02 – Lifestyle tip: Diversify your experiences
37:30 – The approval sandwich



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