11 – Attitude

Your attitude can make or break what you have in your life and business right now. Are you damaging relationships or building one with it? We’ll talk more about that in this podcast.


Do you mind the crowd, or enjoy a day at the beach?







(photo credit Nic Lucas) 


In this week’s podcast:

01:10 – Your attitude dictates your life and business
03:42 – Your attitude determines your altitude
04:31 – How is your attitude affecting your business and life?
04:45 – Stephen King’s “Cool and the Gang” article
05:35 – Ezra thinks “cool” is an attitude
07:05 – Choose your attitude
08:19 – James shares a fundraising story
13:48 – Don’t be an hopeless optimist
15:12 – Time for the Weekly Willpower Wager
17:38 – SpeakPipe is now installed on ThinkActGet
22:39 – Get people interested in your work by including your opinion
27:51 – Look for an attitude-match
28:02 – Get published by leaving us a voice message
29:41 – Hit us with suggestions on how to improve ThinkActGet
31:35 – Join James, Ezra and Clay Collins on FastWebFormula 4
32:04 – FWF 4 tickets are on SALE
32:13 – A ThinkActGet podcast will be recorded LIVE at the event
32:40 – Listen to the FreedomOcean podcast recorded from FWF 3
33:49 – Leave us suggestions on topics you want covered on FWF 4
34:16 – Surprise is ALWAYS bad
36:24 – Think About It quotes
36:38 – People may hear your words but they feel your attitude
37:02 – Learn to say NO
40:04 – Question your routine and approach it differently



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