10 – Motivation

To reach a goal, you’ve got to be motivated enough to go for it. Are you motivated enough? Do you have the right goal? This podcast will tell you more about motivation…


Healthy habits need motivation


In this episode:

02:35 – Understanding motivation
05:32 – “Free” as a motivator
06:30 – James’s motivation to educate
08:35 – Recruitment and the 3 T’s
11:58 – The cost of “Free”
13:01 – On the fear of loss
13:55 – Identify your underlying motivators
15:08 – Update: Last episode’s amazing download rate
15:30 – Coming in April: Let’s Talk Ecommerce.com
18:56 – Big upcoming announcement from James and Ezra
19:24 – Listener comments
24:29 – Think About It quotes
28:11 – TAG tip: align with what you’re good at
29:20 – Get out there and give
32:32 – Repression is your enemy
34:30 – How many friends should a person have?



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