10 – Motivation

To reach a goal, you’ve got to be motivated enough to go for it. Are you motivated enough? Do you have the right goal? This podcast will tell you more about motivation…


Healthy habits need motivation


In this episode:

02:35 – Understanding motivation
05:32 – “Free” as a motivator
06:30 – James’s motivation to educate
08:35 – Recruitment and the 3 T’s
11:58 – The cost of “Free”
13:01 – On the fear of loss
13:55 – Identify your underlying motivators
15:08 – Update: Last episode’s amazing download rate
15:30 – Coming in April: Let’s Talk Ecommerce.com
18:56 – Big upcoming announcement from James and Ezra
19:24 – Listener comments
24:29 – Think About It quotes
28:11 – TAG tip: align with what you’re good at
29:20 – Get out there and give
32:32 – Repression is your enemy
34:30 – How many friends should a person have?



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  1. Best new podcast to hit the scene (as well as my ‘Must Listen’ playlist). Ezra and James you guys are a great team, a perfect mix of spirituality and business.

    As for where I listen to TAG, I do so on my frequent jogs. I like to think that combination keeps my body and mind alive.

    Keep up the exceptional work!

  2. Well done on number 10 guys! Enjoyed all of them and looking forward to the next 10.

    Where do I listen to TAG? Everywhere…
    The bathroom in the morning before my day job; at my day job to give me a boost; on the treadmill after work; late at night in my online business (thanks FWF community and 2am finishes); and finally in bed going to sleep.

    My girlfriend is starting to worry why there are 2 men in bed with us at night!

  3. Hey James & Ezra,
    I’m digging the new podcast. Subscribed on stitcher.

    I have to disagree with some of this episode. I operate with the following mantra:
    “Don’t depend on motivation, but instead cultivate discipline.” There will be plenty of times where we won’t be motivated to jump out of bed and attack the day – whereas the disciplined mind knows the value of hard work and doesn’t need to feel motivated about it.

    I always look at it as the perspective of the present-self vs future-self. Present self is motivated to relax and take it easy – whereas in order to do something positive for the future-self, requires a suppression of that ‘right-now motivation’ and must be disciplined enough to know that in order to become successful, we need to sacrifice now for the future self.

    Maybe we’re talking about two sides of the exact same points and that my discipline is a result of my motivation to build a better life.

    Either way, great episode yet again – cheers!

  4. I loved this episode, thanks guys. I used to be a one upper too, so found those insights very valuable. Some people show empathy that way, they think talking is ping pong. This was great, thanks guys.

    • Thanks, Cate! We’ve all played the one upper game at one point or another … and it’s not always bad! Just good to recognize it and be aware of when you’re doing it. Thanks for listening in!


  5. I’ve always had big ears, and many times has been a source of slight embarrassment in the past. Love hearing Ezra has big ears and he is confident about them. I’ll strive to do the same. Thanks for being the big ear spokesman!

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