1 – Willpower

Have you been wondering how you can actually increase your willpower, and keep it going?  Listen to this.

James And Ezra

James And Ezra












Highlights in the podcast:

  • Seeing the OTR system in action
  • Consistency is key
  • Increasing your willpower
  • What you put in is what you get out
  • The Weekly WillPower Wager
  • What you should bring to a special event
  • Weighing value returns
  • The advantages of a Face-to-face interaciton
  • Creating your own event within your community
  • Thinking big
  • Increasing the capacity to have by doing anonymous good
  • Good begets good
  • Implementing a routine
  • Reward for good behavior



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  1. Hey guys… Great show! I’m all in for the weekly willpower wager and a 30-day challenge 😉

  2. Thanks James and Ezra, what a great podcast. I’m really looking forward to all the wisdom in the future episodes.

    I started reading Willpower last night, only got through the first chapter but I can feel it’s going to make a huge difference in my life.

    One comment I would like to make on this podcast is that I for one am not interested in hearing about the technical side of how you’re doing it.

    I liked how you pointed out that you are making a routine out of it, that’s helpful but for the technical stuff I can listen to your podcasts or login to FWF or just Google it.

    From you guys and on this podcast I want to learn more mindset stuff. How to be more courageous, how to accomplish things in life and the the like.


  3. Awesome Joe! Let us know how you go with it!

  4. Extremely interesting podcast and I’m looking forward to future shows and your tips. Thanks Ezra and James.

  5. Just listened to the first episode on the drive home yesterday.
    I’d describe my IM journey as a hambster on a wheel, who occasionally gets flung off because I can’t keep up or get overwhelmed! It hasn’t been a smooth ride, but I am hopeful and continue to learn.
    The podcast really focuses on some of the most overlooked areas of business success – mindset and health. The pace of the show feels different and I think will be a great compliment to all us relative newbies who become overwhelmed and need help prioritising tasks and developing core skills / mindset success. Congrats James and Ezra, 2 of the nicest blokes in the business. Look forward to future episodes.

    • Hey Dan,

      I know that feeling! Episode 4 is all about overwhelm and how to handle it so look out for that.

      Thanks for listening and good on ya for not giving up. Half the battle is continually showing up, taking action, and moving forward.

  6. Great content! I am working through the first 3 episodes and loving it, so keep it up.

  7. Brian Bateman says

    Hi Guys,
    I was looking for business motivation in itunes podcasts and this series came up, listened to the first one tonight and loved it, exactly what i was looking for, now i’m a member of your web site, face book etc, looking forward to next 11 episodes to catch up. i’m also a bit alternative like Ezra so I reated well. I got a lot of good ideas just out of this one alone, love the quote about being water, and i already passed the weekly chalange, probably a bit late now but I am interested in the technical side of how you set up the podcat etc

  8. Phil Blackwell says

    I had to go back and start listening from the beginning because these are so good. I’ve already turned on 3 other people to your podcast!

  9. Finally i got started on this one guys.

    What a great first episode – I was very surprised how much you guys talked about health – not expected but it makes so much sense.

    Cool story Ezra about your fasting experience – I went through a maple water fast over 8 days which was life changing for me.

    The great thing about maple in the water is the minerals and glucose – it’s a far better fast when the brain is getting at least some fuel…

    It’s true how much energy the digestive system sucks.

  10. Jeff Mesina says

    Doing my most important task first thing in the morning when my willpower is at its strongest is a great reminder. Right now it is all about getting OTR In motion. I’m really enjoying all that you guys share about mindset and business and this podcast is getting a lot of play time when I work out. Rock on!

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