75 – Space

Sometimes you think something’s over and done with, never to return. Until, suddenly, it’s not over.ThinkActGet fans who said goodbye to the show two years ago, get ready to say hello again.James and Ezra are back to talk about that thing … [Read More...]

74 – The End

Even good things can’t go on forever. As great as ThinkActGet has been, it’s time for James and Ezra to shift their energies to other pursuits. Check out their farewell show and reminisce with them on lessons and laughter shared over 70+ episodes. … [Read More...]

73 – Simplify

Do you have more on your plate than you can handle? Do you have something pulling your attention every which way? It could be time to simplify. James and Ezra look at the benefits and how tos of simplifying your business and your life in this episode … [Read More...]

72 – Improvisation

Improvisation adds immediacy and spontaneity to a performance or talk. What does it involve and how can it be acquired as a skill? James and Ezra explore the topic in an entirely improvised episode of ThinkActGet. Episode … [Read More...]

71 – Risk

We all engage in various levels of risk-taking. What determines how much we’ll risk and what role does it play in business and in life? James and Ezra tackle the topic in this episode of ThinkActGet.  In the podcast:01:12 … [Read More...]

70 – Reverence

James and Ezra are back for another episode of ThinkActGet where they talk about the importance of having reverence and great respect for any area of your business and life.  In the episode:02:58 - This episode’s unusual … [Read More...]

69 – Patience

Imagine the things you can accomplish in life and in business if you've got that right amount of patience. Tune into this episode as James and Ezra talk about the real value of patience and how it needs to be … [Read More...]

68 – Truth

James and Ezra get together to talk about the thing that some people can’t accept, that some say can set you free, and that sometimes changes. Prepare to explore truth in business and in life, in this episode of … [Read More...]

67 – Video

Video is possibly the most visible and powerful online medium these days, which is why James and Ezra have made it the topic of their latest TAG episode. In a more business-y tone than usual, our hosts talk about the many uses of video, how it works, … [Read More...]

66 – Flexibility

How well do you adapt to the circumstances that life sends you? And can you be too adaptable? James and Ezra look into the topic of flexibility - what it is, when it’s good, and how much is too much.  In the … [Read More...]

65 – Disappointment

Who hasn’t been disappointed? How you handle it can make a big difference in your work and your life. Delve into the topic with James and Ezra in this episode of ThinkActGet. Episode highlights:00:47 - A harrowing … [Read More...]

64 – Foundation

How have you designed the core foundation of your business? Is it sustainable? Listen to James and Ezra talk about the key elements and principles of laying a solid foundation for business and life. Episode highlights:01:00 - Ezra is … [Read More...]

63 – Mistakes

Mistakes are common in life. You don’t have to feel bad if you make one. The key is to know how to respond to it and find the lessons hidden in it. Tune in as James and Ezra talk about this in this latest episode of … [Read More...]

62 – Infrastructure

In business and in life, we all need some kind of framework. This episode sees Ezra and James tackling the subject of infrastructure - types of infrastructure, what they do for you, and how to build them.  Episode highlights:00:40 - … [Read More...]

61 – Intention

The power of intention is undeniable, but only if it’s paired with action. In this episode, learn how you can set an intention, do it, and make sure it will truly make a difference in your business and your life. In this … [Read More...]

60 – Listening

Can you hear what people are saying based on their actions? Can you effectively communicate with the people around you? Discover the art of true listening and learn how paying attention to words unsaid can help you modify your life and your … [Read More...]

59 – Solitude

Are you always staying busy, or do you have the courage to be alone? How does solitude affect your life and your business? Learn the answers from this latest episode of ThinkActGet. Podcast highlights:02:45 - The state of being … [Read More...]

58 – Awareness

Do you just go through life blindly or are you one of those few who have clarity about themselves and their surroundings? Building self-awareness is a form of investment. In this episode, listen as James and Ezra talk about awareness and learn how it … [Read More...]

57 – Waiting

Sometimes you have no choice but to wait. What you can control are your actions and thoughts while waiting, which can greatly impact your business and your life. In this episode, James and Ezra offer insights on a universal human experience, and … [Read More...]

56 – Improvement

What should you be doing to make significant improvements in your life and your business? If you really want to change things for the better, take this episode as a guide and a challenge to make the moves that will really make a positive difference … [Read More...]

55 – Delegation

Want to get more from your business and out of life? Start doing less. Delegate some of your tasks -- especially the ones you don't like or are not very good at. Find out the step-by-step process on how to do delegation right, this week on … [Read More...]

54 – Stability

Are you standing firm? Or are your feet on shaky ground? Find the balance and see how stability can make a huge difference in your business and in life.In this episode:00:52 - 10 days in Vegas 03:04 - Solid and supportive 03:22 - What … [Read More...]

53 – Ego

Do you see the world as what it is, or do you see it as what you are? Time to face the truth about your ego, in this episode. In the podcast:02:10 - Is ego a negative thing? 04:07 - When power equals skewed perception 05:06 - A … [Read More...]

52 – Fluidity

Much has been said about the adaptability of water, and this is one of the things James and Ezra discuss as they dive into the topic of fluidity. Achieving the balance between structure and flow can transform your business and your life. Learn more … [Read More...]

51 – Hustle

Is hustle good or bad? Could you use more of it, or are you over-hustling into an early grave? In this week’s episode, James and Ezra discuss the various definitions of hustle and their applications in business and in life.In the … [Read More...]

50 – Loss

In the 50th episode of ThinkActGet, James and Ezra discuss that thing that no one can totally avoid. Loss comes to everyone, and how we respond to it can greatly impact us in life and in business.Discussed in the podcast:02:10 - The thing … [Read More...]

49 – Rules

We follow many rules as a matter of course. Others we question, and some we might break without thinking. Why are rules needed? How important are they to society and your business? James and Ezra explore all these in this week’s … [Read More...]

48 – Focus

Focus is a funny thing. Too little of it and you don't achieve your goals; too much of it makes life not worth living. Listen as James and Ezra share tips on how to achieve that viewpoint and balance you need to get the focus you … [Read More...]

47 – Power

James and Ezra are back in another insightful episode of ThinkActGet. This week they delve into the subject of power – what it is, where it comes from, and the different dynamics that surround its use.In the podcast:01:40 - Feeling … [Read More...]

46 – Evangelism

Evangelism - What is it? Are you using it? How is it affecting your business and your life? In this episode, James and Ezra discuss evangelism and provide an alternative - how to do it in a better way.  In this episode: 00:58 - … [Read More...]

45 – Rejection

 We’ve all been slapped with the sting of rejection. But it’s how you respond that will really determine the final outcome. In this episode of ThinkActGet, James and Ezra prove that there are positive ways of handling a potentially negative … [Read More...]

44 – Procrastination

Most people view it in a negative light, the putting off of a task for one reason or another. Is procrastination an evil to be overcome, or a natural part of the creative process? James and Ezra weigh differing beliefs in this episode of … [Read More...]

43 – Criticism

Why do negative perceptions about you hit so hard sometimes? How do you handle it well? In this latest TAG episode, James and Ezra talk about the heavy topic of criticism, and how to use it as a tool to improve your business and life.In … [Read More...]

42 – Less

Is more really better? In this TAG episode, James and Ezra talk about how doing less and focusing on the essentials is the way to achieve maximum results.  In this episode: 01:22 – Is more really better? 02:48 – Less allows you to … [Read More...]

41 – Recap

James and Ezra trade stories, takeaways and highlights – all the great stuff that you and your business shouldn’t miss – from the recently concluded SuperFastBusiness Live event.TAG-41-recapPodcast highlights: 02:15 - What happened … [Read More...]

40 – Help

Help – it’s a very powerful tool if leveraged wisely. In this episode, James and Ezra talk about the importance of giving and receiving help, and how it can improve your life and your business. In this episode:00:44 - Ezra … [Read More...]

39 – Travel

Going places changes you. It expands your consciousness by exposing you to new surroundings and people. This week James and Ezra discuss this and other aspects of travel. In this week's podcast episode:00:45 - Great to be … [Read More...]

38 – Results

Results - they're the product of doing (or not doing) something, and can serve as a guide for future actions. This week James and Ezra discuss how to achieve and use results in business and in life. Discussed in the … [Read More...]

37 – Goals

You need something to aim for in life and in business. In this episode, James and Ezra explore goals - how to set them, why they're important, and what the rewards can be in achieving them. Podcast Highlights:00:01:05 - James … [Read More...]

36 – Pleasure

Pleasure is a feeling that we all seek and it goes beyond our five senses. However, the way we perceive and achieve it could either be good or bad for us and the people we interact with. In this TAG episode, James and Ezra help us understand the true … [Read More...]

35 – People

If there's one thing we can't escape in our lives, it's other people. How do they affect us, what should we know about them, and how do we benefit from the people around us? Explore these questions with James and Ezra in this week's … [Read More...]

34 – Speed

With the rate at which people have to accomplish so many things in their lives today, speed becomes an important factor in getting more things done. But, is faster really better than slower? In this episode of TAG, James and Ezra share their thoughts … [Read More...]

33 – Desire

Human lives operate ideally in cycles of desire and fulfillment. In this latest TAG episode, James and Ezra examine desire - how it can be directed, what it moves us to achieve, and its importance in life and business. In this … [Read More...]

32 – Marketing

Marketing is a very powerful instrument that can influence and change almost everything around us. In this episode, James and Ezra share their views and give us a better understanding of what it is, how it works and leveraging it to improve your … [Read More...]

31 – Culture

Culture is an integral part of being human. How does it affect us? Can it be controlled? Our hosts tackle these questions and more in this episode of ThinkActGet. Discussed in the podcast: 00:33 - On the road in California 02:22 - … [Read More...]

30 – Guests

If you've ever hosted a dinner or an event, you know having guests teaches you something about yourself. This week's episode is all about guests, as James and Ezra address listeners' comments, questions and ideas about the … [Read More...]

29 – Networking

This week, James and Ezra explore a skill that is vital to building a business - networking. With them is a special guest who has been making and nurturing connections since before James was born. Tune in for another insightful episode of … [Read More...]

28 – Burnout

In this week's episode, James and Ezra dig into the topic of burnout. With everyone around us overworking and losing to stress, is it time for you to take a break before exhaustion takes control of your life and your … [Read More...]

27 – Sex

It's the episode TAG fans have been waiting for. In a culture seemingly obsessed with this topic, it remains a difficult thing for most people to discuss. Tune in as James and Ezra explore their chargiest subject yet. Podcast … [Read More...]

26 – Leadership

There are different types of leaders, and some people take more naturally to the role than others. This week, James and Ezra tackle the subject of leadership - what makes a leader, why some people prefer to follow, and what leadership strategies … [Read More...]

25 – Change

This week, James and Ezra talk about the one constant in every person's life: change. How people react to it, why it is so often resisted, and how we can take control by initiating it is all discussed in this episode of … [Read More...]

24 – Stick-to-itiveness

In this episode, James and Ezra talk about stick-to-itiveness - what it is, what it takes, and how it affects the level of achievement in our lives. In this week's episode: 00:54 - Yes, it is a word 01:42 - What is it, … [Read More...]

23 – Relationship

How do you relate to yourself, to your environment, to your business? James and Ezra discuss relationship in this episode of ThinkActGet. Topics discussed:01:00 - James’ sunny spot in winter 01:14 - What is a … [Read More...]

21 – Podcasting

Fresh from the FastWebFormula 4 event, James and Ezra are back with this live podcast recording. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65ETMXHSARw In the Podcast:00:53 - Pre-show preparations05:20 - Why is podcasting the medium of the … [Read More...]

20 – Control

It's something a lot of people seek to have in their lives, yet there are times when the best thing we can do is relinquish it. In this episode of ThinkActGet James and Ezra explore the topic of control. In the Podcast:02:16 - … [Read More...]

19 – Habits

Habits are things that we do regularly, but where do they come from and how do they affect your life and business? This week’s highlights: 01:07 – What are habits? 01:44 – What’s the circus got to do with this episode? 02: 54 – … [Read More...]

18 – Fear

Fear - what is it, where does it come from and how does it affect your business and your life? 05:28 – Why is fear the most powerful sales tool? 09:40 – Ezra’s goal in life 10:44 – FEAR is an acronym for ___ 12:55 – Is your fear … [Read More...]

17 – Rights

We all think we have rights. But what exactly are they, how do they affect us, and what do we do when we feel they are violated? We delve into that and more in this episode of ThinkActGet. Episode highlights:01:02 - The truth … [Read More...]

16 – Excuses

Most of the time, we come up with excuses to justify why we postpone or completely avoid accomplishing certain tasks. Listen to this podcast and discover how your excuses may keep you from moving forward.  In this podcast: 00:51 - … [Read More...]

15 – Confidence

Do you have too much, too little or just enough confidence to achieve your goals? Let's discuss about confidence in this podcast...  In this episode:02:22 - The definition of "Confidence" 03:32 - How do you overcome Lack of … [Read More...]

14 – Rest

The busier we are with our daily lives, the more we see resting as a luxury.  We fear that we will miss out when we rest .  This podcast will tell you otherwise... In this week's episode:01:12 - Rest hastens growth 02:13 - … [Read More...]

13 – Learning

There is no limit, nor age for you to be hungry for more knowledge.  After listening to this podcast, you'll realize a lot of things about 'learning'. In this podcast episode:00:44 - Managing your energy 02:15 - What happened … [Read More...]

12 – Acknowledgement

Do you acknowledge people too much, or not at all? Know how much is 'too much' in this podcast. In this podcast:00:49 - How should you address your audience? 02:12 - The most powerful tool we have 02:53 - An exchange of … [Read More...]

11 – Attitude

Your attitude can make or break what you have in your life and business right now. Are you damaging relationships or building one with it? We'll talk more about that in this … [Read More...]

10 – Motivation

To reach a goal, you've got to be motivated enough to go for it. Are you motivated enough? Do you have the right goal? This podcast will tell you more about motivation...  In this episode: 02:35 - Understanding motivation 05:32 - … [Read More...]

9 – Success

Being successful is something everyone aims for. But is it really that hard to succeed? This podcast tells you a little secret about success... In this week's podcast:01:00 - Everyone wants it 01:45 - What does success mean to … [Read More...]

8 – Balance

Balancing could be tough if you are not aware of what's too much from what's lacking. Learn a bit about how you can balance that aspect in your life through this podcast.  This week:00:50 - Everyone is seeking balance 01:47 - 25 bananas … [Read More...]

7 – Ethics

What is ethical to you might not be ethical to others. Let's talk about that topic in this podcast... In this podcast:01:03 - The dipsy doodle 01:49 - This episode's topic: morals and ethics 02:27 - Is the customer always … [Read More...]

6 – Community

The community you belong to plays a big part of your life and work. You'll get more of those insights in this podcast.  In this episode:00:41 - What role does community play in your business and your life? 01:57 - The power … [Read More...]

5 – Money

Money is important. Money can make us do and have what we want. But is our relationship with money keeping us from growing and keeping our relationships with people?Episode Highlights: 00:45 - A big thank you to all ThinkActGet … [Read More...]

4 – Overwhelm

Having too much and doing too much can easily overwhelm us. But did you know that there's a way to overcome this?   This week's highlights:ThinkActGet is doing well on iTunes (thank you!) Results in personal and business life … [Read More...]

3 – Communication

The way we communicate can make or break our relationships with the people around us. It can also break us in terms of how people perceive us. Listen to this podcast and make communication work for you. Episode 3 highlights: … [Read More...]

2 – Timing

The success of your product depends on creating it at the right time. Listening to this podcast is the perfect time for you to know more about timing. Topics discussed in the podcast:James Schramko product creation Grinding … [Read More...]

1 – Willpower

Have you been wondering how you can actually increase your willpower, and keep it going?  Listen to this.           Highlights in the … [Read More...]