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41 – Recap


James and Ezra trade stories, takeaways and highlights – all the great stuff that you and your business shouldn’t miss – from the recently concluded SuperFastBusiness Live event.

Podcast highlights:

02:15 – What happened at the SuperFastBusiness Live event?
03:33 – How James gathered all the best experts for the event
04:30 – Highlights for Ezra
05:36 – Are you a believer?
06:20 – Sam Cook’s style of delivering content
08:00 – How do you teach your customers to segment themselves
09:25 – Great quote from Ezra
10:18 – Dan Dobos’ unique newsletter-live event connection
11:06 – Check out our “Acknowledgement” episode
11:38 – All-time top takeaways from James
14:05 – Taki Moore’s mad presenter skills
15:33 – Teddy Garcia talks about creating a vortex
17:06 – Greg Merrilees on getting results thru the 80/20 principle
18:33 – Is there a link between your business and your personal relationships?
19:51 – James shares his most effective email systems
21:32 – Walter’s oranges and card tricks
22:49 – James and Joel on
23:12 – How to get significant business growth after attending a live event
24:41 – “Leadership is doing the right things.” – Peter Drucker
24:56 – John Logar’s business opportunity in a box
26:07 – Want to get access to all recordings of the event?
27:10 – Justin Brooke’s heartfelt keynote presentation
28:56 – Mike Rhodes shows how to double results from remarketing
30:03 – Great tips learned from the event
31:08 – Brent Hodgson’s story on starting a brand
32:30 – Bum-bum, poo2, and emotion-based marketing by Franziska Iseli-Hall
33:50 – Most popular TAG episode
34:29 – Spot-on Facebook strategies from Keith Kranc
36:15 – The heroic feat of Andre Chaperon
38:16 – Saying thanks to everyone who made the event a success



Ezra Firestone and James Schramko



Highlights from SFB live presentations. [Click To Tweet].

How to get significant business growth after attending a live event. [Click To Tweet].

All-time top takeaways. [Click To Tweet].


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  • A great event guys! We’ll done.

  • Tremendous value given – thanks so much! And, Ezra, the Acknowledgement episode IS #12! 🙂

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