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58 – Awareness


Do you just go through life blindly or are you one of those few who have clarity about themselves and their surroundings? Building self-awareness is a form of investment. In this episode, listen as James and Ezra talk about awareness and learn how it can help you transform your life and your business. In the […]

57 – Waiting


Sometimes you have no choice but to wait. What you can control are your actions and thoughts while waiting, which can greatly impact your business and your life. In this episode, James and Ezra offer insights on a universal human experience, and great tips on what to do when you just have to wait. Topics […]

56 – Improvement


What should you be doing to make significant improvements in your life and your business? If you really want to change things for the better, take this episode as a guide and a challenge to make the moves that will really make a positive difference in your life and your business. Podcast highlights: 01:02 – […]

55 – Delegation


Want to get more from your business and out of life? Start doing less. Delegate some of your tasks — especially the ones you don’t like or are not very good at. Find out the step-by-step process on how to do delegation right, this week on ThinkActGet. Podcast topics: 01:35 – Happy birthday, James! 02:35 […]

54 – Stability


Are you standing firm? Or are your feet on shaky ground? Find the balance and see how stability can make a huge difference in your business and in life. In this episode: 00:52 – 10 days in Vegas 03:04 – Solid and supportive 03:22 – What upbringing has to do with it 04:46 – The […]

53 – Ego


Do you see the world as what it is, or do you see it as what you are? Time to face the truth about your ego, in this episode. In the podcast: 02:10 – Is ego a negative thing? 04:07 – When power equals skewed perception 05:06 – A way to live a balanced life […]

52 – Fluidity


Much has been said about the adaptability of water, and this is one of the things James and Ezra discuss as they dive into the topic of fluidity. Achieving the balance between structure and flow can transform your business and your life. Learn more in this episode.     Discussed in the podcast: 00:52 – […]

51 – Hustle


Is hustle good or bad? Could you use more of it, or are you over-hustling into an early grave? In this week’s episode, James and Ezra discuss the various definitions of hustle and their applications in business and in life. In the podcast: 00:39 – Next door to death 03:37 – The opposite of entitlement […]

50 – Loss


In the 50th episode of ThinkActGet, James and Ezra discuss that thing that no one can totally avoid. Loss comes to everyone, and how we respond to it can greatly impact us in life and in business. Discussed in the podcast: 02:10 – The thing we all risk 04:24 – The phases of loss 06:01 […]


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