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71 – Risk

We all engage in various levels of risk-taking. What determines how much we’ll risk and what role does it play in business and in life? James and Ezra tackle the topic in this episode of ThinkActGet.     In the podcast: 01:12 – The land beavers have company 02:18 – Adventures in Spain with a… [Read More]

70 – Reverence

James and Ezra are back for another episode of ThinkActGet where they talk about the importance of having reverence and great respect for any area of your business and life.     In the episode: 02:58 – This episode’s unusual topic 03:34 – Why we need to give reverence 05:46 – James’s respect for knowledge… [Read More]

69 – Patience

Imagine the things you can accomplish in life and in business if you’ve got that right amount of patience. Tune into this episode as James and Ezra talk about the real value of patience and how it needs to be practiced.     Podcast highlights: 02:40 – Stop liking your own Facebook post! 03:30 –… [Read More]

68 – Truth

James and Ezra get together to talk about the thing that some people can’t accept, that some say can set you free, and that sometimes changes. Prepare to explore truth in business and in life, in this episode of ThinkActGet.     Podcast highlights: 01:23 – An interesting political climate 02:59 – What this episode… [Read More]

67 – Video

Video is possibly the most visible and powerful online medium these days, which is why James and Ezra have made it the topic of their latest TAG episode. In a more business-y tone than usual, our hosts talk about the many uses of video, how it works, and some tips from their respective experiences with… [Read More]

66 – Flexibility

How well do you adapt to the circumstances that life sends you? And can you be too adaptable? James and Ezra look into the topic of flexibility – what it is, when it’s good, and how much is too much.     In the podcast: 01:29 – Ezra’s groundhog solution 05:10 – Bending without breaking… [Read More]

65 – Disappointment

Who hasn’t been disappointed? How you handle it can make a big difference in your work and your life. Delve into the topic with James and Ezra in this episode of ThinkActGet.   Episode highlights: 00:47 – A harrowing experience 02:27 – Disappointment defined 03:43 – Should you save others from disappointment? 04:48 – Ezra’s… [Read More]

64 – Foundation

How have you designed the core foundation of your business? Is it sustainable? Listen to James and Ezra talk about the key elements and principles of laying a solid foundation for business and life.     Episode highlights: 01:00 – Ezra is in a war 03:54 – The storm of 50 years 05:23 – What… [Read More]

63 – Mistakes

Mistakes are common in life. You don’t have to feel bad if you make one. The key is to know how to respond to it and find the lessons hidden in it. Tune in as James and Ezra talk about this in this latest episode of ThinkActGet.     In the episode: 01:10 – Defining… [Read More]

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