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52 – Fluidity


Much has been said about the adaptability of water, and this is one of the things James and Ezra discuss as they dive into the topic of fluidity. Achieving the balance between structure and flow can transform your business and your life. Learn more in this episode.     Discussed in the podcast: 00:52 – […]

51 – Hustle


Is hustle good or bad? Could you use more of it, or are you over-hustling into an early grave? In this week’s episode, James and Ezra discuss the various definitions of hustle and their applications in business and in life. In the podcast: 00:39 – Next door to death 03:37 – The opposite of entitlement […]

50 – Loss


In the 50th episode of ThinkActGet, James and Ezra discuss that thing that no one can totally avoid. Loss comes to everyone, and how we respond to it can greatly impact us in life and in business. Discussed in the podcast: 02:10 – The thing we all risk 04:24 – The phases of loss 06:01 […]

49 – Rules


We follow many rules as a matter of course. Others we question, and some we might break without thinking. Why are rules needed? How important are they to society and your business? James and Ezra explore all these in this week’s ThinkActGet. This week in the podcast: 00:51 – Ezra’s New York living situation 02:35 […]

48 – Focus


Focus is a funny thing. Too little of it and you don’t achieve your goals; too much of it makes life not worth living. Listen as James and Ezra share tips on how to achieve that viewpoint and balance you need to get the focus you want. In this episode: 01:16 – What happened recently […]

47 – Power


James and Ezra are back in another insightful episode of ThinkActGet. This week they delve into the subject of power – what it is, where it comes from, and the different dynamics that surround its use. In the podcast: 01:40 – Feeling powerful 02:05 – Ezra’s surreal Vegas experience 03:47 – What is power? 06:53  […]

46 – Evangelism


Evangelism – What is it? Are you using it? How is it affecting your business and your life? In this episode, James and Ezra discuss evangelism and provide an alternative – how to do it in a better way.   In this episode: 00:58 – Protecting your intellectual property and brand 02:48 – The evolution […]

45 – Rejection


 We’ve all been slapped with the sting of rejection. But it’s how you respond that will really determine the final outcome. In this episode of ThinkActGet, James and Ezra prove that there are positive ways of handling a potentially negative experience. This week on the podcast: 00:39 – Flip-flopping the time schedule 01:59 – This […]

44 – Procrastination


Most people view it in a negative light, the putting off of a task for one reason or another. Is procrastination an evil to be overcome, or a natural part of the creative process? James and Ezra weigh differing beliefs in this episode of ThinkActGet. Covered in the episode: 01:58 – Finally got around to […]


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