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42 – Less


Is more really better? In this TAG episode, James and Ezra talk about how doing less and focusing on the essentials is the way to achieve maximum results. In this episode: 01:22 – Is more really better? 02:48 – Less allows you to achieve more 03:16 – Focus gets the best results 03:53 – “The […]

41 – Recap


James and Ezra trade stories, takeaways and highlights – all the great stuff that you and your business shouldn’t miss – from the recently concluded SuperFastBusiness Live event. TAG-41-recap Podcast highlights: 02:15 – What happened at the SuperFastBusiness Live event? 03:33 – How James gathered all the best experts for the event 04:30 – Highlights […]

40 – Help


Help – it’s a very powerful tool if leveraged wisely. In this episode, James and Ezra talk about the importance of giving and receiving help, and how it can improve your life and your business. In this episode: 00:44 – Ezra sings The Beatles (yes, really) 02:11 – Help is a very powerful tool when […]

39 – Travel


Going places changes you. It expands your consciousness by exposing you to new surroundings and people. This week James and Ezra discuss this and other aspects of travel. In this week’s podcast episode: 00:45 – Great to be back 01:22 – Let’s talk about travel 01:51 – Travel as a requirement for change 04:33 – […]

38 – Results


Results – they’re the product of doing (or not doing) something, and can serve as a guide for future actions. This week James and Ezra discuss how to achieve and use results in business and in life. Discussed in the podcast: 00:32 – The topic that got James excited 02:26 – Are you in denial? […]

37 – Goals


You need something to aim for in life and in business. In this episode, James and Ezra explore goals – how to set them, why they’re important, and what the rewards can be in achieving them. Podcast Highlights: 00:01:05 – James in Sydney, Ezra in New Mexico 00:01:39 – Is city life so great? 00:04:00 – […]

36 – Pleasure


Pleasure is a feeling that we all seek and it goes beyond our five senses. However, the way we perceive and achieve it could either be good or bad for us and the people we interact with. In this TAG episode, James and Ezra help us understand the true meaning of pleasure and how it […]

35 – People

ezra and Carrie

If there’s one thing we can’t escape in our lives, it’s other people. How do they affect us, what should we know about them, and how do we benefit from the people around us? Explore these questions with James and Ezra in this week’s ThinkActGet. Highlighted in the episode: 02:27 – What are these fascinating […]

34 – Speed


With the rate at which people have to accomplish so many things in their lives today, speed becomes an important factor in getting more things done. But, is faster really better than slower? In this episode of TAG, James and Ezra share their thoughts on how the right pace can help you achieve more things […]


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